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on the throne

1. Lit. [of royalty] currently reigning. King Samuel was on the throne for two decades.
2. Fig. Sl. seated on the toilet. I can't come to the phone. I'm on the throne.
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power behind the throne

Fig. the person who actually controls the person who is apparently in charge. Mr. Smith appears to run the shop, but his brother is the power behind the throne. They say that the vice president is the power behind the throne.
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power behind the throne

A person with great influence who stays behind the scenes and has no apparent authority. For example, Harry may be the CEO, but it's obvious that his wife is the power behind the throne. [Mid-1800s]
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the power behind the throne

If you describe someone as the power behind the throne, you mean that they are really the person that has power although another person is officially in charge. She was the real power behind the throne, a strong and determined woman controlling a weaker husband for her own aims.
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power behind the throne

a person who exerts authority or influence without having formal status.
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be the (real) power behind the ˈthrone

be the person who really controls a family, business, country, etc., even though people think somebody else controls it: It’s not the president who makes the important decisions; his wife is the real power behind the throne.
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hug the porcelain god(dess)

and hug the throne
tv. to vomit; to vomit while holding on to the toilet seat. By “hug the porcelain god” I assume you are referring to vomiting into the toilet bowl? The girls drank a lot of beer and two of them spent the night hugging the porcelain god.
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hug the throne

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on the throne

mod. seated on the toilet. I can’t come to the phone. I’m on the throne.
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the throne

n. a toilet; a toilet seat. And there was the cat—right on the throne, just staring at me.
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throne room

n. a restroom; a bathroom. (see also throne.) Hank is in the throne room, reading, I think.
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References in classic literature ?
Thou sayest that thy husband, whom thou hast given to death, is born of one who is dead, and is heir to my throne.
no, let us rather choose Arm'd with Hell flames and fury all at once O're Heav'ns high Towrs to force resistless way, Turning our Tortures into horrid Arms Against the Torturer; when to meet the noise Of his Almighty Engin he shall hear Infernal Thunder, and for Lightning see Black fire and horror shot with equal rage Among his Angels; and his Throne it self Mixt with TARTAREAN Sulphur, and strange fire, His own invented Torments.
In the meanwhile, the bustling Prior of Jorvaulx had reminded Prince John, in a whisper, that the victor must now display his good judgment, instead of his valour, by selecting from among the beauties who graced the galleries a lady, who should fill the throne of the Queen of Beauty and of Love, and deliver the prize of the tourney upon the ensuing day.
At length the King, recovering from his astonishment at recognising the brother who had been lost some years before, exclaimed, 'Yes, you are indeed my brother, and now that I have found you, take the throne to which I have no longer a right.
At the foot of the throne these two parties separated and halted, facing each other at opposite sides of the aisle.
Monsieur," returned Villefort, "I was then a royalist, because I believed the Bourbons not only the heirs to the throne, but the chosen of the nation.
Through the crowd there came a little form, a wreath of pure white violets lay among the bright locks that fell so softly round the gentle face, where a deep blush glowed, as, kneeling at the throne, little Violet said:--
While the servants supplied the two and twenty guests with food and drink, the hostess and her four maidens went from one throne to another, exhorting them to eat their fill, and to quaff wine abundantly, and thus to recompense them- selves, at this one banquet, for the many days when they had gone without a dinner.
And, after all, if you showed anything of a countenance, the good-natured barbarian would let you fight your way past the very steps of his throne.
The waves have now a redder glow - The hours are breathing faint and low - And when, amid no earthly moans, Down, down that town shall settle hence, Hell, rising from a thousand thrones, Shall do it reverence.
Dorothy put on a green silk apron and tied a green ribbon around Toto's neck, and they started for the Throne Room of the Great Oz.
On both sides of the throne stretched a solid mass of humanity from top to bottom of the amphitheatre.
Almost unanimous was the request that I ascend the ancient throne of the black men, even the First Born themselves concurring in it; but I would have none of it.
I shall have given you the throne of France, you will confer on me the throne of St.
At three o'clock the Throne Room was crowded with citizens, men, women and children being eager to witness the great trial.