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be in the throes of

To suffer from or struggle with something. I'm sorry I never called you back, I've been in the throes of illness for days. After being in the throes of decline for months, the economy is finally starting to recover.
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in the throes of (something)

Suffering from or struggling with something. I'm sorry I never called you back—I've been in the throes of illness for days. They exhibit all the signs of a company in the throes of decline.
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in the throes

In the midst of, especially of a difficult struggle. For example, The country was in the throes of economic collapse, or We were in the throes of giving a formal dinner when my in-laws arrived. The noun throe, meaning "a severe pang or spasm of pain," was at first used mainly for such physical events as childbirth or dying. Today it is used both seriously (first example) and more lightly (second example). [Mid-1800s]
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in the throes of something

COMMON If you are in the throes of doing or experiencing something, especially something difficult, you are busy doing it or are deeply involved in it. The boy's parents are in the throes of moving house and it seems they completely forgot about the arrangement. The stock market is in the throes of its worst ever crisis.
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in the throes of something/doing something

doing a difficult task; experiencing a difficult period or event: The movie’s about a country in the throes of change.He’s in the throes of divorce at the moment.
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"A couple of people have mentioned to me, that with Glen as the CEO, you now as the chair, both from SWFT, there is a little concern that we here at the George are in the throes of a takeover, if you like, by SWFT," he said.
The very elated Emerhor said the exit of Uduaghan, therefore, meant that Delta PDP has become lifeless and in the throes of a degenerative death.
The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territorie s said that Gaza Strip is in the throes of a humanitarian disaster.
Bands taKing part in the live gig are Tara and the Wolves, MurKy Water and The Final Throes. KirKlees College houses professional level recording studios and rehearsal rooms, used for BTEC Extended Diploma in Music Technology level 3 and RocK School Music Diploma level 2, run at the Highfields Centre, Huddersfield.
From a tongue-in-cheek allegory of China and Tibet to the playful account of a young Tibetan in the throes of love, Ma Yuan breaks with tradition and helps move Chinese literature into the twenty-first century.
A source said: "Ronan and Storm could not keep their hands off one another - they're clearly in the first throes of love."
Landfall, Helen Gordon, Fig Tree, pounds 12.99 A 30-something journalist is in the throes of an existential crisis.
As we are in the throes of an Indian Summer the Co-operative has Fairtrade Chilean Merlot Ros 2010/11 at pounds 4.49 and Fairtrade Chilean Ros 2011 also available at pounds 4.49 down from pounds 5.99.
He wasn't the only one to struggle on during the final throes of the game.
REBELS fought their way into Muammar Gaddafi's heavily fortified compound last night as the Foreign Secretary William Hague said the Libyan dictator's regime was in its "death throes".
Syria is in the throes of an uprising against President Bashar Assad's rule.
Nick Clegg, leader of the opposition Liberal Democrats, has said that the government is in its "death throes".
A TEESSIDE man who kidnapped and sexually assaulted a woman while in the throes of a "major depressive episode" has been jailed.
In the throes of pride over having elected our first Black president, it may be easy for some people to discount the ugly racism revealed in the run-up to Obama's win, like the antics of Diane Fedele.