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failure to thrive

A medical term used to describe an infant or young child who has experienced delays in physical growth, for a variety of possible reasons. I'm a bit concerned about little Howie's failure to thrive, so I want you to bring him back the office next week for further examination.
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thrive on (something)

1. To flourish or grow luxuriantly by feeding or nourishing on something. The predators introduced to the ecosystem by explorers thrived on the multiple species that had not adapted to their presence. This flower thrives on sunshine, so be sure to have it in direct light as often as you can.
2. To reach one's greatest potential for success when exposed to or involved in something. She has always thrived on intense pressure in her studies, so attending Yale for law school seemed like the natural choice. Despite their willfulness, children actually thrive on rule, structure, and discipline.
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thrive (up)on something

to grow vigorously because of something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) These plants thrive upon wet soil. Children thrive on love.
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thrive on

To flourish by or as if by feeding on something: The bears thrived on a rich harvest of berries.
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Marie Fortune writes of victims, survivors, and thrivers. -"Foreword" to Victim to Survivor: Women Recovering from Clergy Sexual Abuse, ed.
Can we become thrivers? Can we be as good stewards of our recent successes as we were during our decades of scarcity?
At a UK level, this last group, classified by the report as 'Thrivers', saw healthcare, business and financial services and media companies as most prevalent.
Since all vocal art forms have their "thrivers," "survivors," and "failures," it is imperative that the teacher be a part of the student's decision-making process.
Greene, "Pitiful Thrivers: Failed Husbandry in the Sonnets," in Shakespeare's Poems: The Scholarly Literature, eds.
Miles Barnes, has a simple tune, but some of the words--such as "Three of them are thrivers' and 'Five are the flamboys all in a row'--are rather puzzling.
Thrivers: They transformed themselves, and today they are highly successful.
First, we find it alarming that there are so few adult thrivers among the group and so many who report powerlessness, meaninglessness, and estrangement.
Independent grocers who fill niches glossed over by bottom-line-oriented chains and tailor their stores to community needs and wants will be not just survivors but thrivers, observers say.
* Thrivers ( 50 to 59-year-olds, the first generation to enjoy mass package holidays and now wealthy enough to take a hedonistic view of life.
As part of the conference, the youth participated in a game called Thrivers Challenge, a take-off on TV's popular Survivor series.
Students who failed to thrive (did not make minimal gains on reading fluency) in the general education classroom following supplemental reading instruction are not distinguished from the other 7 students by their preintervention scores on fluency because "thrivers" (those who made adequate progress postsupplemental intervention) and those who did not thrive covered the range of early fluency scores.
Seven traits separate the thrivers from the mere survivors, so here's your chance to start thriving as a fitness instructor!
We also note that all of the companies had achieved some level of success in internationalization, which means this was a sample of survivors and thrivers. So their average experience is useful to study, as well as the differences between the high and low performers.