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failure to thrive

A medical term used to describe an infant or young child who has experienced delays in physical growth, for a variety of possible reasons. I'm a bit concerned about little Howie's failure to thrive, so I want you to bring him back the office next week for further examination.
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thrive (up)on something

to grow vigorously because of something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) These plants thrive upon wet soil. Children thrive on love.
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thrive on

To flourish by or as if by feeding on something: The bears thrived on a rich harvest of berries.
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The partnership with Blue Star Families helps Thrive Market achieve its mission of expanding access to healthy living to all.
Thrive is also a short walk from Wal-Mart's home office.
The space and freedom that creatures have within the world is not something that creation inherently possesses but is something that God has graciously established for both human and nonhuman creation so they may thrive, flourish, and be perfected into who or what they are supposed to be.
In 2013, the charity would love to raise enough money to buy a minibus as many families do not have their own transport and Thrive wants to ensure everyone has equal access to events.
The money will be used to support the running costs of Thrive, getting mentors out there across Teesside to support people in poverty and give them a voice.
Another Thrive member, Nathan Pritchard from Eversheds, found a suitable NGO partner in South Africa.
For Survive and Thrive, we had 4,200 gifts and 40 of them were $20,000 or more," said Mr.
THRIVE champions the benefits of gardening and supports the development of appropriate skills for maximum enjoyment.
The Thrive campaign, which debuted last year, helped the health insurer to check into the top 10% of all health and health insurance advertising in terms of recognition.
Each description of a plant includes its scientific name, the zone where it thrives best, and its color varieties.
Alexander also recommended columbines and coral bells for planting near trees because they thrive in dappled shade and require light watering, making them ideal companions for trees.
Bee balm likes to have "wet feet" and will thrive in damp ground, under gutter runoff, or where natural underground water lines run.
Since 1899, the organization has helped thousands of individuals of all ages and walks of life to thrive in their communities.
After conducting a comprehensive pilot study at The Episcopal Church Home using many of the above criteria, I developed the Multidisciplinary Decline Rounding Audit tool (Figure) to assist the MDCPT in early detection of failure to thrive.
If people know for sure how they're hurting coral, Smith believes, they may change their ways and help coral thrive.