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So he merely threw himself into his glittering throne and tipped his crown over his ear and curled his feet up under him and glared wickedly at Blug.
The King was by this time so exasperated that he picked up his scepter, which had a heavy ball, made from a sapphire, at the end of it, and threw it with all his force at General Blug.
Then Arete told her maids to set a large tripod upon the fire as fast as they could, whereon they set a tripod full of bath water on to a clear fire; they threw on sticks to make it blaze, and the water became hot as the flame played about the belly of the tripod.
These individuals now provided us with fresh mats to lie upon, covered us with several folds of tappa, and then extinguishing the tapers that had been burning, threw themselves down beside us, and after a little desultory conversation were soon sound asleep.
Then she threw over each one a little shirt, which when it had touched their bodies changed them into swans, and they flew away over the forest.
As they pressed her further with questions, she threw them the golden chain from her neck.
The perception that she was ill threw every other thought into the background.
I am very much afraid they threw him into the sea and drowned him.
And he is terribly afraid that the pirates threw his uncle into the sea.
Oolanga, having tried standing tiptoe on the highest point near, and holding the lantern as high as he could, threw the light round the edges of the door to see if he could find anywhere a hole or a flaw in the metal through which he could obtain a glimpse.
3 : to cause to fall <The horse threw its rider.
When they "bang" the pole with the ball, they will know that they threw down the middle--the feedback to the thrower is immediate.
The QB simply read the movement of the #2 defender and threw to the open area.