three R's

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the three Rs

The three tenets of education traditionally considered the most basic or essential: reading, writing, and arithmetic. (So named for the prominent "R" sound at the beginning of each word.) When a school begins seeing major performance issues across the three Rs, then it is time to revise its curriculum and teaching style.
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three R's

The fundamentals of education, as in It's a terrible school; the children are not even taught the three R's. It is widely believed that Sir William Curtis, an alderman who became Lord Mayor of London, once presented a toast to the three R's-reading, riting, and rithmetic-thereby betraying his illiteracy. In any event, the term was picked up by others and so used from the early 1800s on.
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the three ˈR’s

(old-fashioned) reading, writing and arithmetic as the basic school subjects
When you say these three subjects, they all have the sound /r/ at or near the beginning of the word.
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NO DISRESPECT TO READIN', WRITIN', AND 'RITHMETIC, but Jim Amaral has quite a whole other notion in mind when he speaks of the three R's.
Educational psychologists could probably provide a variety of conflicting reasons for the gap in grasping the three r's and science between boys and girls.
Our Student Council is considering introducing a recycling mascot in the near future and aim to raise the children's understanding of the three R's through a series of assembly presentations.
A spokesman said: "The Miss Earth delegates are required to plant trees, attend various environmental seminars and educate people on the three R's - reduce, re-use and recycle.
And since you're giving up reading, writing and 'rithmetic, why not make some time for these three R's during your summer vocation:
Why can't the Tories realise proper waste management is all about the three R's - reduction, re-use and recycling - NOT incineration.
The department's Safe and Drug-Free Schools Program's "The Three R's to Dealing with Trauma in Schools: Readiness, Response and Recovery" is intended to help schools with strategies to incorporate the mental health needs of students and staff into their safe-school plans, and illustrates promising school-based models that help schools prevent and respond to trauma.
In "Beyond the Strip," Theresa Ruth Howard tells us about the three R's of dancing in Vegas: Reliability, Revenue, and Routine.
Also, the three R's (reduce, reuse, recycle) is a mantra for Iverson and his staff.
If the public schools cannot teach the three R's now, how can we expect them to teach the most important R, religion?
PEOPLE of a certain age may remember the three R's - reading, writing and 'rithmetic.
We must learn to proactively manage the three R's of success: Retirement, Retention and Recruiting.
Thus, while not completely agreeing with his assessment, Cunneen cites Alberto Moravia's stark summary, which dovetails with his own: "Bresson sees 'the good' in the Attic basis of French civilization--that is, its traditional mixture of rigor, restraint, and rationalism [the three r's, pour ainsi dire--PH], the distinctive sign of its national genius.
Wales boss Mark Hughes would have noticed in the summer's World Cup that Brazil's famed three R's - Ronaldo, Rivaldo and Ronaldinho - flourished because the team's defence was protected by midfield destroyers Gilberto Silva and Kleberson.
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