three R's

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the three Rs

The three tenets of education traditionally considered the most basic or essential: reading, writing, and arithmetic. (So named for the prominent "R" sound at the beginning of each word.) When a school begins seeing major performance issues across the three Rs, then it is time to revise its curriculum and teaching style.
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three R's

The fundamentals of education, as in It's a terrible school; the children are not even taught the three R's. It is widely believed that Sir William Curtis, an alderman who became Lord Mayor of London, once presented a toast to the three R's-reading, riting, and rithmetic-thereby betraying his illiteracy. In any event, the term was picked up by others and so used from the early 1800s on.
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the three ˈR’s

(old-fashioned) reading, writing and arithmetic as the basic school subjects
When you say these three subjects, they all have the sound /r/ at or near the beginning of the word.
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Maybe even putting one agency in charge of all three of the PPACA three R's programs was a mistake.
In addition to the walk, a number of outdoor activities will be set up at the Al Majaz Waterfront to signify the importance of the environmental principle of the three R's -- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
of Arizona) and retired judge Wolfson (law, DePaul U.) use the "three R's"--relevant, reliability, and right--as an analytical framework to show how judges and lawyers think about evidence in trials.
This petition is about two of the traditional three R's - reading, writing, and arithmetic; it concerns learning letter formation and learning to read, both of which require continuous interplay between the different perceptual attunements of central and paracentral areas of the retina.
Howe's "Who," the "Exhale Warm-up," and the "Three R's"
"Where Do Recyclable Materials Go?" is an Ecoadventures Garbology Kids Series publication, which seek to educate kids and adults on the principles of waste management, diversion, and disposal: the chief Recycling Concepts (the three R's: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), Transform, Treatment, and Disposal.
HoMedics, Commerce Township, Mich., can help us explore the three R's of personal wellness--relax, re-energize, reward--with a variety of personal care and relaxation products designed to restore the balance in our lives.
You could also use the three R's - recognise, remove and replace, eg recognise your Mini Magnum has a ProPoints value of five, remove that, then replace it with a Weight Watchers Mini ice cream lolly with a ProPoints value of two.
Thompson and Tracy logically move from leadership to "Developing a Great Business Plan" (chapter two) and then to the third chapter: "Surround Yourself with Great People." The authors say that "getting the people equation right is the hardest thing you will ever do in business." They offer five key success factors that define great people, discuss ways to "test-drive" candidates, present "the three R's of motivation," "the four C's of happiness," and "the three C's of gratitude." Using such techniques make the book easy and interesting to read.
Recently profiled in The New York Times ("100 Candles on Her Next Cake, and Three R's to Get Her There" Oct.
NO DISRESPECT TO READIN', WRITIN', AND 'RITHMETIC, but Jim Amaral has quite a whole other notion in mind when he speaks of the three R's. "It's about trying to get the relationship," he declares, "to get the relevance, to get the rigor."
Environmental Protection Agency is sponsoring a video contest that challenges filmmakers to produce short, creative works that highlight the "Three R's" of consumption: reduce, reuse and recycle.
Our Student Council is considering introducing a recycling mascot in the near future and aim to raise the children's understanding of the three R's through a series of assembly presentations.
A spokesman said: "The Miss Earth delegates are required to plant trees, attend various environmental seminars and educate people on the three R's - reduce, re-use and recycle."
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