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threaten (one) with

To use some specific punishment as a warning for someone to do or not do something. His parents threatened him for a week without video games if he didn't clean up his room. We must aim to topple any government that threatens its citizens with imprisonment or bodily harm for merely offering a dissenting opinion.
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threaten someone with someone or something

to warn someone that there will be punishment in the form of someone or something if conditions are not met. No, no! Your Uncle Herman is not coming here! Please don't threaten me with Uncle Herman! Are you threatening me with bodily harm?
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threaten with

To express a threat against someone by some means or action: The principal threatened the rowdy students with expulsion.
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Meanwhile, a 50-year-old woman was threatened and her handbag stolen in Gwent.
One in 10 has felt threatened or embarrassed by bullying carried out with a camera phone, known as 'happy slapping'.
Commonwealth, the state of Massachusetts upheld the pretrial detention of a man charged with violating a protection order because he had dumped gasoline on his body and threatened to ignite himself when police went to arrest him for trespassing in the victim's home.
But some of the dead are steelhead and threatened coho salmon, and the latter are protected under the federal Endangered Species Act.
* Commands Federal agencies to keep inventory of endangered and threatened species on agency lands and waters and to comply with certain requirements prior to engaging in any activity that could effect these species.
The report Reefs at Risk: A Map-Based Indicator of Threats to the World's Coral Reefs, issued by the World Resources Institute and several other environmental groups in 1998, concluded that 58% of the world's coral reefs are potentially threatened by human activities ranging from coastal development and destructive fishing practices to marine pollution and overexploitation of resources.
Police and the fire crews were called to Nauls Mill House flats off Radford Road at lunchtime when the man threatened to set light to his second-floor flat.
One example: On the Global ReLeaf site at Withlacoochee, Gocsik kicks at the once and possibly future burrow of a gopher tortoise, a large, threatened reptile dependent upon longleaf forests.
That policy resulted in individuals once more being falsely accused of being gay and being interrogated, investigated, and threatened with loss of careers.
Just as anti-gay conservatives are far more threatened by stable, bourgeois same-sex couples (who want to get married!) than by anonymous bathhouse sex or exhibitionists parading in leather jock straps, nothing would undermine the official line on drugs more than lots of respectable, otherwise law-abiding people admitting that they smoke marijuana without ruining their lives.
Thus, when the Republicans in Congress threatened to impose stiff economic sanctions on Iran, President Clinton beat them to the punch by signing an executive order to the same end.
Much more important were economic, social or political considerations--essentially secular fears that Jews threatened established ways of life, particularly in small communities.
species listed as "endangered" (facing imminent extinction) or "threatened" (likely to become endangered soon).
does, when threatened with a budget reduction, is translate it into bad news for those congressmen who have the power to restore his budget to its usual plenitude.