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threaten (one) with

To use some specific punishment as a warning for someone to do or not do something. His parents threatened him for a week without video games if he didn't clean up his room. We must aim to topple any government that threatens its citizens with imprisonment or bodily harm for merely offering a dissenting opinion.
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threaten someone with someone or something

to warn someone that there will be punishment in the form of someone or something if conditions are not met. No, no! Your Uncle Herman is not coming here! Please don't threaten me with Uncle Herman! Are you threatening me with bodily harm?
See also: threaten

threaten with

To express a threat against someone by some means or action: The principal threatened the rowdy students with expulsion.
See also: threaten
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He [Saddam Hussein] threatens not the United States.
Perhaps we could put up with this system in a time of peace, but we now know that there are terrorist organizations willing to do us harm, and that weapons of mass destruction in their hands would threaten our way of life.
When asked if he threatened the Pakistani business partner, the suspect said: "I did not threaten him.
The worker claimed to the presiding judge that he did not threaten the boss and that he had not been paid his salary.
Police made him sign a number of undertakings in which he promised not to harass or threaten any of us again.
You did not threaten the claimant or send him any email?
I did not threaten heraACA* I need some time to hire a lawyer to defend me," the suspect told presiding judge Mohammad Jamal in court.