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threaten (one) with

To use some specific punishment as a warning for someone to do or not do something. His parents threatened him for a week without video games if he didn't clean up his room. We must aim to topple any government that threatens its citizens with imprisonment or bodily harm for merely offering a dissenting opinion.
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threaten someone with someone or something

to warn someone that there will be punishment in the form of someone or something if conditions are not met. No, no! Your Uncle Herman is not coming here! Please don't threaten me with Uncle Herman! Are you threatening me with bodily harm?
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threaten with

To express a threat against someone by some means or action: The principal threatened the rowdy students with expulsion.
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In that process, hospital executives are likely to become even more confused and threatened by the increasingly intense, emotionally-charged pressures from physician leaders.
In terms of sanctions for non-economic reasons, we believed that the threatened use of sanctions would bring benefits in terms of our foreign policy objectives that we could see no other way to realize.
The war had its origins in July 1990, when Hussein openly threatened to invade Kuwait if it did not change its policy of selling oil below market prices, which the Iraqi dictator claimed was costing Iraq revenue.
DORIS Day is living in fear of a sinister stalker who has threatened to cut off her head.
The post Area cordoned off as man threatens to jump from building appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
On the same date at the police station, he threatened to kill his expartner and then made racially aggravated abusive remarks towards a police officer.
On March 11, at an address in Hill Place, Wishaw, Overdale Place and elsewhere, West repeatedly made calls to his ex-partner and threatened her, her family and her infant daughter.
She told the police that she is resident of Ichhra Lahore and came to see her relative on February, 24, when she came across few men armed with guns and they stopped her in the street and threatened her to kidnap her kids.
A TRAIN passenger was "threatened" by a man after being told to stop smoking.
| A teenager who caused the driver of a car to follow another vehicle and then got out and shouted and swore at the other driver and threatened him with violence, has been fined PS300 at Dumfries Sheriff Court.
LAHORE -- Chairman National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Justice Javed Iqbal Monday said that some elements have threatened to blow up the anti-graft authority's Islamabad headquarters.
Maci Bookout's husband Taylor McKinney has revealed that the "Teen Mom OG" star's ex, Ryan Edwards, threatened to kill him last month.
THE British Veterinary Association said that 85% of vets questioned in a survey said they or a member of their team had felt threatened by someone's language or behaviour.