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thrash about

To move or flail about restlessly, wildly, or violently. The poor kid is in such pain with his toothache that he's been thrashing about in bed all night. Be careful when you grab the fox—they tend to thrash about when they're frightened.
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thrash around

To move or flail around restlessly, wildly, or violently. The poor kid is in such pain with his toothache that he's been thrashing around in bed all night. Be careful when you grab the fox—they tend to thrash around when they're frightened.
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thrash (something) out

To engage in a thorough discussion in order to find a solution to a problem. We had to stay an extra two hours thrashing this issue out. We're organizing a committee to thrash out the homelessness crisis in the city.
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thrash around

to move about restlessly or violently. Settle down and stop thrashing around. Timmy thrashed around all night when he had the high fever.
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thrash something out

Fig. to discuss something thoroughly and solve any problems. The committee took hours to thrash the whole matter out. John and Anne thrashed out the reasons for their constant disagreements.
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thrash something out of someone

Lit. to beat something out of someone. The sheriff really wanted to thrash the truth out of Tex, but that is illegal. Max wanted to know where the money was hidden and he tried to thrash it out of Lefty.
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thrash about

Also, thrash around. Move wildly or violently, as in He thrashed about all night, unable to sleep, or The fish thrashed around on the dock, so Meg threw it back in the water. [Mid-1800s]
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thrash out

Discuss fully, especially to resolve a problem, as in We'll just have to thrash out our ideas about where to go on vacation. [Late 1800s]
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thrash out

1. To discuss or examine something fully: The committee thrashed out the new budget. The politician thrashed the issue out with her advisers.
2. To come to some agreement or solution through intense debate: The two sides finally thrashed out a compromise. The defense thrashed a deal out with the prosecution.
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thrash on someone

in. to scold, criticize, or berate someone. She’s always thrashing on her roommate.
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They have refused to succumb to the pressure tactics of the authorities to give in writing that Chhamel Singh was not thrashed, but had severely injured himself after following down from a height inside the premises.
The Rocket failed to pot a ball in the last four frames as the 17-year-old Chinese rookie thrashed him 6-1 in Daqing.
A police official confirmed that three army personnel were thrashed by the people.
Seven policemen were injured when they were allegedly thrashed by Army personnel after the cops stopped private vehicles carrying the soldiers in civil dress.
In February on Valentine's Day, couples in Bihar were thrashed and humiliated by Bajrang Dal activists who charged at them to protest against the day.
After the murder of a police officer and assault on another policeman allegedly by its members recently, the party's leaders and their supporters thrashed a local singer at a marriage party in the state.
Davis was beaten 5-2 in the fourth and final qualifying round at Prestatyn in Wales by Preston's Stuart Pettman, while Irishman Doherty was thrashed 5-0 by Judd Trump, 19, from Bristol.
A few weeks ago Rafael Nadal was thrashed 6-1 6-0 by Mikhail Youzhny, who yesterday was thrashed in straight sets by Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.
Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink scored a hat-trick as Middlesbrough thrashed Mark Hughes' Blackburn 4-0.
Police say he was so crazed that they had to hobble him, yet still he thrashed around in the back of a police car.
In Men's 2A, Birmingham University won 6-3 over Arden, while Central thrashed Broadsway II 9-0.
THE format for next season's Celtic League will be thrashed out at a meeting a week tomorrow, writes SIMON ROBERTS.
A teenager was thrashed by seven men over a trifle here at Begarh Garhi the other day.
Following which, the son and supporters came out of the car and thrashed the staffer at Mahuvan toll plaza.
The villagers also thrashed two Kot Radha Kishan policemen, who tried to rescue the suspect, and ransacked an official jeep.