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in thrall

1. Very interested in and/or paying close attention (to something). I was thrilled to see my students in thrall during the assembly, instead of talking or passing notes.
2. Under one's or something's control or influence to an extreme degree. My daughter's new boyfriend has her totally in thrall. She seems to go along with everything he says.
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in (somebody’s/something’s) ˈthrall


in ˈthrall to somebody/something

(literary) controlled or strongly influenced by somebody/something: The country’s economy is still largely in thrall to the big companies.
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The APHC Chairman said: 'Our fourth generation is bound to live under the dark and obnoxious shadow of Indian thrall. Our kids are living under the threat of forced armed occupation with its all repercussions.
So why are we still there?" Thrall asks, Sputnik reported.
GSI Technologies held an onsite gathering to celebrate the occasion, which was well attended by original founders, Suzanne and Bob, Jeff Thrall, and several GSi retirees as well as current employees.
Although Hughes is firmly back in rock mode with thunderous renditions of Deep Purple staples, Burn and Stormbringer given an added kick by ex-Whitesnake guitarist Doug Aldrich, he still had space to add his unique dash of soul into the mix with First Step Of Love from the classic Hughes Thrall album adding an altogether more glossy sheen.
Thrall - Clarita and Cameron Thrall, of Florence, a son.
Now long in tooth and short of thatch, Held tight in summer's humid thrall. What we need is a football match, Too quickly we our foes dispatch.
The Rankins were regular ceilidh attendees, but a generation on, it is the modern Glasgow pop school who Alvvays hold in thrall, this debut LP recalling the shimmering heartbreak pop of prime Camera Obscura, and Rankin's glowing vocals cosied up to yearning lyrics and gilded guitar hooks attesting to an eager kinship.
TWO men in the "thrall" of "sadistic" serial killer Joanna Dennehy have been convicted of offences related to her killing spree.
Osteosarcoma developing at site of external radiation is well documented in humans (Thrall, et al., 1981).
Nakitta Morrison and Holly Davidson, both 19, became involved in the plot after Morrison's on/off boyfriend Marlon Benjamin, to whom the court heard she was "in thrall", turned up as their flat with PS38,000 of stolen money.
They are not helped, though, by the increasing perception that they are in thrall to leading managers and players.
Ziessman (radiology, Johns Hopkins U.), O'Malley, and Thrall offer a concise textbook on nuclear medicine for students, residents, fellows, nuclear medicine specialists, and radiologists.