think aloud

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think aloud

To verbalize one's thoughts. A: "And I guess I should also pick up some plywood while we're out…" B: "Pardon me?" A: "Sorry, I'm just thinking aloud!"
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think aloud

Speak one's thoughts audibly, as in We need flour, sugar, butter-I'm just thinking aloud. [Early 1700s]
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ˌthink aˈloud


ˌthink out ˈloud

speak your thoughts about something, for example a problem, to yourself or to others, probably without organizing them as in normal speech: ‘What?’ ‘Oh, don’t worry. I was just thinking out loud.’
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One thought aloud: "I mean, I don't perform, so it's hard to say, but I'm sure it's a bit of a team effort.
They thought aloud. They wonder what would really fill the crowd?
After completing the practice session, each participant first thought aloud for the bicycle passage and then the sculptor passage.
"I don't think we can send them off yet to the homes that the town has arranged," I thought aloud. "They need to talk, ask questions, understand their loss, emote."
One third of the respondents performed the basic AIS task without think aloud instructions, while the rest thought aloud during the tasks.
In the first, hands-on science tasks were administered to 20 sixth-grade and 29 fifth-grade students who thought aloud as they performed each task and answered interview questions afterward.