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hither, thither, and yon

 and hither and thither
everywhere; here, there, and everywhere. (Formal and archaic.) The prince looked hither, thither, and yon for the beautiful woman who had lost the glass slipper. The terrible wizard had sown the seeds of his evil vine hither, thither, and yon. Soon the evil, twisted plants began to sprout in all the land.
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thither and yon

there and everywhere. (Stilted or jocular.) I sent my resume thither and yon, but no one responded. The children are all scattered thither and yon, and it is difficult for them to get home for the holidays.
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hither and thither

Also, hither and yon. Here and there, as in I've been wandering about, hither and thither, or Ruth went hither and yon, searching for her sister. These old words for "here" and "there" are rarely heard outside these expressions, which themselves may be dying out. [c. a.d. 725]
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ˌhither and ˈthither

(especially literary) in many different directions: When you look down at the square, you see all the people hurrying hither and thither.
Hither and thither are old words for ‘here’ and ‘there’.
See also: and, hither, thither
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PRADHAN MANTRI GRAM SADAK YOJANA (PMGSY) called a Domestic competitive bidding, for pwd medhiya thither bhaghat ghar to pakki sadak rajendar yadav itabhatha tak.
The once kingly Christmas tree lay splayed across the sitting room floor, broken baubles were strewn hither and thither, the once all-seeing angel from atop the tree had been sent flying across the room and landed under the coffee table.
Our glorious sweet rocket, Hesperis matronalis, which has self-seeded hither and thither in the raised beds, has sprawled over unsuspecting astrantias.
O Emperor emerged with their debut album Hither Thither in 2010 and received lavish praise from fans and critics alike.
We will conduct further hearing of the case when responsible officer of AGPR will make payment of Rs 20000 out of his own pocket to those who are wandering hither and thither unattended to.
The songs flit hither and thither from the start of an affair (Colour Me In) to the I-can't-takethis-anymore gentle explosion of The Box ("I have tried but I don't fit into this box you call a gift").
He further remarked "the days are gone when rule of monarchy prevailed and we were subjects of the British, under whose orders the officers were shifted from hither to thither.
While my sister-in-law ran hither and thither, looking for special spices and sauces, I was content to stand and stare, mesmerised by the multi-hued tapestry of life itself.
Recalling the loss of colonial population during that time, Increase Mather succinctly summed up the situation: "Since the year 1640, more persons have removed out of New England, than have gone thither.
In a dismal and decaying urban environment, sick, dirty, or barely alive animals (flea-infested dogs, cats, pigeons) scattered hither and thither are the ultimate evidence of the social disaster affecting late 1970s Italy.
com)-- New York-based Hither and Thither Adventures, LLC is pleased to announce an incredible Vinyasa Yoga and Wine Retreat in Tuscany, Italy, May 26 to June 1 (7 nights) for only $1,650 U.
So he hastened thither, and found the boys in great consternation, for by means of saying the Lord's Prayer backwards they had raised the devil, and they could not lay him again.
All the labourers in area are suffering and running hither and thither for help," he added.
Ever since I was a child, I've wanted to spend a day at a railways control room, just to see how they organise all the trains that go hither and thither all over the country.
The incessant, disturbed string opening, which built into a huge orchestral tutti set the scene, Petrenko pulling the tempi hither and thither, building massive climaxes and relaxing back to nothing.