thirsty for

thirsty for something

1. Lit. needing to drink something. I'm thirsty for a glass of cold water.
2. Fig. craving or desiring something. The students were thirsty for knowledge. That evil tyrant is thirsty for power.
See also: thirsty
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With four titles under his belt, the world champion driver Lewis Hamilton is still thirsty for more, as stated in the report, "Hamilton simply thirsty for more", published in the Sport section on November 24.
FYI, if you bump in pub, he'd like a pint p , p As he told Jonat think he's thirsty for sort of drink.
As he told Jonathan Ross, people think he's thirsty for a whole different sort of drink.
Music fans in all genres are Thirsty for Marvin Sapp's latest project by the same title.
This man was thirsty for friendship, love, someone who cared about him in his desperate situation, someone who would listen.
In these difficult,dry days our souls are thirsty for good news.
At once thirsty for knowledge and a new frontier, hard-working and determined to progress from the old ways of the East Coast and the Far East, the 49'ers were also obsessed with the "get rich quick" dream that California always assumed to offer (remember the dot-commers?
Balletic, cinematic, funny, sad, brilliantly danced, and masterfully crafted--Odd Duck Lake, Gregg Bielemeier's new suite of dances, was all of that and more when it premiered in September before a Portland audience thirsty for first-class dancing.
parched & thirsty for togetherness as i sat hypnotized in a street cafe & watched the slow procession like stately giraffes of ebony-hued & onyx-eyed wolof women in gaily colored boubous you appeared a mandinka apparition o isis of my dislocation o oracle of my 500 years of yearning
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