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1. slang Eagerly and perhaps desperately in pursuit of attention or validation, often of one's attractiveness. Ugh, Amanda is so thirsty, posting all of those scantily-clad selfies on Instagram.
2. slang Desperately desirous of a sexual encounter, often with a particular person. All these guys sliding into my DMs are so clearly thirsty. You can tell a guy is thirsty when he hits on ever girl he sees.

thirsty for something

1. Lit. needing to drink something. I'm thirsty for a glass of cold water.
2. Fig. craving or desiring something. The students were thirsty for knowledge. That evil tyrant is thirsty for power.
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thirsty soul

n. a drunkard; a person in need of a drink. Yes, I’d call Bill a thirsty soul—he always seems thirsty for booze. There was a long line of thirsty souls waiting for the liquor joint to open.
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Lead author of the study Christopher Zimmerman said, "Almost everyone has had the experience of exercising or doing some sort of activity and becoming really thirsty, and almost viscerally feeling better after drinking a cold glass of water.
The Thirsty Hearts Series" journey starts with Micky and Nick in Charming You.
One of the key aspects of Thirsty Energy, created to support countries' efforts to address challenges in energy and water management proactively, is that the energy sector is the entry point for promoting the dialogue and devising solutions.
15 - KWVA-FM Thirsty Thursday Radio Interview with Adam and Heather and Dubious live, Acoustic Minds call-in, EMU, 1222 E.
The event kicks off with a Port City Beer Tour, a pay-as-you-go tour of the great pubs of Portland; other events include a Maine beer dinner at the Thirsty Pig with beers from Shipyard and Maine Beer; A Green Flash vs.
Expected to have one more race at four this year, Stay Thirsty is trained by Todd Pletcher for Mike Repole, the same team behind this year's Ashford Stud recruit Uncle Mo.
We had been dancing in the Market Square on Saturday afternoon and were thirsty, we were looking forward to a refreshing pint.
This may help your body adjust and help you figure out if you are hungry or thirsty.
So, on this basis it might be suggested that though normally, fresh, pleasant water becomes even more enjoyable if one is thirsty, the same may not apply to water that would, in a nondeprived state, be regarded as undrinkable.
THIRSTY WORK Simon Donald helps to promote a theatre ticket campaign
Immediately, she establishes that we are all thirsty, all wanting more, all in need.
PREDICT: One symptom of diabetes is feeling thirsty all the time.
3 : having a strong desire : eager <The stray dog was thirsty for affection.
Music fans in all genres are Thirsty for Marvin Sapp's latest project by the same title.
Water loss in exhaled breath, although less than urinary water loss, is indeed a major reason why people get thirsty.