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1. slang Eagerly and perhaps desperately in pursuit of attention or validation, often of one's attractiveness. Ugh, Amanda is so thirsty, posting all of those scantily-clad selfies on Instagram.
2. slang Desperately desirous of a sexual encounter, often with a particular person. All these guys sliding into my DMs are so clearly thirsty. You can tell a guy is thirsty when he hits on ever girl he sees.

thirsty for something

1. Lit. needing to drink something. I'm thirsty for a glass of cold water.
2. Fig. craving or desiring something. The students were thirsty for knowledge. That evil tyrant is thirsty for power.
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thirsty soul

n. a drunkard; a person in need of a drink. Yes, I’d call Bill a thirsty soul—he always seems thirsty for booze. There was a long line of thirsty souls waiting for the liquor joint to open.
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The feathers and blood thirstiness is now brought out on ceremonial occasions like the Hornbill Festival, when the sixteen Naga tribes assemble at Kisama Heritage Village in all their psychedelic glory every November and stomp their stuff.
Therefore, in my view the SPLM movement belongs solely to the marginalized people of Sudan, because their hope and aspiration rest on the SPLM vision to satisfy their thirstiness and lift them from the pit of desolation.
Don't count on thirstiness to signal when you need to drink because it's not a reliable indicator.
30 Days" is at its best whenever the blood's flowing, as David Slade's direction, Art Jones' editing and Jo Willems' widescreen lensing create blunt, visceral action that makes the vampires' speed, strength and thirstiness vivid.
The military authorities are in the filthiest state of blood thirstiness, it is all a hopeless mess.
All the side effects from that are ghastly: the headaches, thirstiness and the overweight, the wobbly hands--that really buggers me out, especially when I'm doing the black lines.