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1. slang Eagerly and perhaps desperately in pursuit of attention or validation, often of one's attractiveness. Ugh, Amanda is so thirsty, posting all of those scantily-clad selfies on Instagram.
2. slang Desperately desirous of a sexual encounter, often with a particular person. All these guys sliding into my DMs are so clearly thirsty. You can tell a guy is thirsty when he hits on ever girl he sees.

thirsty for something

1. Lit. needing to drink something. I'm thirsty for a glass of cold water.
2. Fig. craving or desiring something. The students were thirsty for knowledge. That evil tyrant is thirsty for power.
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thirsty soul

n. a drunkard; a person in need of a drink. Yes, I’d call Bill a thirsty soul—he always seems thirsty for booze. There was a long line of thirsty souls waiting for the liquor joint to open.
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The following is a snapshot of the true state of affairs in Florida which is one of the thirstiest states in the country: "More water is withdrawn and used in Florida than in any other state east of the Mississippi River.
In the world's thirstiest and flattest inhabited continent, a craving for views of water -- even salt water -- isn't very surprising.
The thirstiest plants, including a lawn and rose garden, are confined to small areas close to the house, while plantings farther away thrive on much less water.
Locations like the subway were chosen to reach consumers "where they are the hottest and thirstiest," according to Borghese.
By the early 1990s, it led the world, withdrawing five times as much water per person as the globe's thirstiest nation: the Central Asian Republic of Turkmenistan.
Inevitably, as these concerns grow, focus will broaden to all types of IT equipment, settling on one of the thirstiest devices: the LAN switch.
But just as The Marsh House on Westbourne Road, Marsh, went into a calamitous decline so did the Plumbers and in recent years it has not been somewhere even the thirstiest among us would visit.
The fuel economy of all the diesel engines is excellent, with even the thirstiest capable of eking over 60mpg from a gallon of heavy oil.
But home water use is a drop in the bucket compared to California's thirstiest outdoor business: golf.
Around town - and as with all new Qashqais - it's fitted with stop/start and even the thirstiest version, a 1.
Currently, the farming sector is the state's thirstiest - accounting for 61 percent of statewide water consumption - but represents a small fraction of the economy, according to the report, which was released this week.
They also propose a CO2 limit of 70g/km from 2025, along with a vehicle excise duty escalator for the thirstiest motors.
Dougie, along with Tom Fletcher, Danny Jones and Strictly Come Dancing champ Harry Judd, were one of the thirstiest bands in pop.
Throughout the range, the emphasis is on economy - in fact the EcoBoost is the thirstiest of them all with its average of 47.