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thirsty for something

1. Lit. needing to drink something. I'm thirsty for a glass of cold water.
2. Fig. craving or desiring something. The students were thirsty for knowledge. That evil tyrant is thirsty for power.
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thirsty soul

n. a drunkard; a person in need of a drink. Yes, I’d call Bill a thirsty soul—he always seems thirsty for booze. There was a long line of thirsty souls waiting for the liquor joint to open.
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Turf grass is one of the thirstiest plants in our landscape.
By the early 1990s, it led the world, withdrawing five times as much water per person as the globe's thirstiest nation: the Central Asian Republic of Turkmenistan.
Inevitably, as these concerns grow, focus will broaden to all types of IT equipment, settling on one of the thirstiest devices: the LAN switch.
6-litre engine that gives the Scenic XMOD its eyecatching sub-PS18k entry price tag is the least impressive of the three engine options and is also by some margin the thirstiest, despite having the least power.
Currently, the farming sector is the state's thirstiest - accounting for 61 percent of statewide water consumption - but represents a small fraction of the economy, according to the report, which was released this week.
They also propose a CO2 limit of 70g/km from 2025, along with a vehicle excise duty escalator for the thirstiest motors.
With prices topping out at PS25,855 for a two-litre diesel GT version with DSG semi-automatic gearbox, the estate features the same engine line up as the hatch version - and all are exceptional performers with even the thirstiest (a 1.
Dougie, along with Tom Fletcher, Danny Jones and Strictly Come dwJD Dancing champ Harry Judd, were one of the thirstiest bands in pop.
Throughout the range, the emphasis is on economy - in fact the EcoBoost is the thirstiest of them all with its average of 47.
That's the view of industry analyst Glass's who say that while models like the Range Rover, Mercedes S-Class and Bentley Continental GT may be among the thirstiest vehicles around, they haven't suffered any adverse reaction from buyers.
Global drying" may be the topic du jour at high-level conferences (in January, Nestle chairman, Peter Brabeck-Letmathe backed a new initiative aiming to secure the future of water at the World Economic Forum in Davos), but few of us would have a clue that rice and beef are among the world's thirstiest foods or that a single cup of coffee takes 140 litres of water to produce and a litre of milk 1,000.
A more effective program would focus on getting the dirtiest and thirstiest models off the road, and replacing them with the cleanest and highest-mileage vehicles available.
The greatest savings are on the biggest and thirstiest models, including the Shogun, Grandis and L200 models, which get reductions of pounds 5,000, pounds 4,000 and pounds 3,000 respectively.