thirst for (something)

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thirst for (something)

To have an intense desire, yearning, or need for something. Even from a young age he thirsted for knowledge, devouring any he could get his hands on. Growing up in such a small, secluded town, I constantly thirsted for romance and adventure.
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thirst for something

1. Lit. to desire something to drink. (Somewhat formal.) "I thirst for something cooling and refreshing." said the preacher. You could see that everyone there was thirsting for water, or even coffee, but there was no refreshment in sight.
2. Fig. to have a strong desire for something. (See also have a thirst for something.) In the old days, students were said to thirst for knowledge. The generals thirsted for new battles to be fought.
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thirst for

or thirst after
To have a strong craving for something; yearn for something: The oppressed people thirst for freedom.
See also: thirst
References in classic literature ?
On the contrary, I thirsted for yet deeper and fuller draughts than he was offering to me.
Once He was thought to have uttered the word "thirst," likely as He mused to Himself how He thirsted for eternal life for all human beings.