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Thus, one important message is that middle schools can profitably encourage families from a range of socioeconomic backgrounds to help their children with homework, as (a) only about two thirds of the middle school students in this study reported receiving such help, and as (b) the previous studies suggest that the kind of direction parents give to children matters more than if the parents have higher education (Xu & Corno, 2003, 2006).
Tempo touches upon many aspects of soccer: player fatigue (fast-paced or slow-paced), playing style (short ball vs long ball), and the areas of focus (wings vs central channel, front-to-back thirds vs through-the-middle third).
The long-ball team will immediately look to go deep into space behind the defense, often bypassing the middle third of the field.
Step two: Position two ball buckets, one on the third-base side and one on the first-base side about a third of the way between home plate and the pitchers' mound.
And, for potential investors, shareholders, and third parties, the accounting choices themselves can serve as vital clues to not-yet-public corporate information.
Yet, the vast majority chose a one-year write-off in the second or third year.
Expect about a third more meat than you'd get with meat sauce.
That's half a day's worth...but still about a third of what you'd get in an order of Cheese Manicotti.
Especially important to the foundry industry are the proposals for the final third listed wastes.
Third, the foundry should know the available state-of-the-art treatment methods that constitute the "best determined available technology" (BDAT) and alternatives, including chemical treatment, reuse, incineration, recycling, metal recovery, stabilization and chemical fixation.
Third, scores pertaining to the Statistical Input Anxiety Scale were significantly higher than scores pertaining to both the Statistical Processing Anxiety Scale and the Statistical Output Anxiety Scale.
* Wipe the Tartar Sauce off your Filet-OFish, and you save a third of the calories and almost two-thirds of the fat.
In the spring of 2002, the two authors worked with a third colleague and team-taught an interdisciplinary class on globalization and contemporary American and Asian culture.
In the attacking or high middle third of the field, the target receiver, usually a striker, will be closely followed by a marking defender.