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99p, 854 calories, 34.6g fat (13.4g saturates), 5.8g salt Thinnish base and only moderate amounts of pepperoni and medium-fat cheeses (edam and mozzarella), so fat, saturated fat and calories are the lowest.
Most women probably suit a (oh go on then, thinnish) layer of wrapping to disguise the bad points and highlight the good.
Elsewhere in the world the social system was fixed because of the stability of a class system, with aristocracy at its top, a substantial peasantry below, a thinnish middle class between.
"For some reason it has been something that I have found difficult to do and I could do with having stronger legs but when you are a wiry, thinnish person, whilst someone once commented that I've got the type of legs you see in a paddling pool."
While stressing "the future of TV is bright" and admitting his film interests have had "a thinnish year," Murdoch told 300 or so shareholders Nov.
Perhaps the lack of reposo or the moderate altitude contributed to the main weakness of some of the Federation coffees: thinnish body and a lack of dimension or power.
For centuries artists have strived to interpret the look, but the enduring image is that of a tallish, thinnish, bearded man with, it has to be said, rather unkempt hair.
BACON: This is highly resistant to bacteria because it tends to be cooked in thinnish slices at very high temperatures.
On plan, both levels formed a long thinnish slot stretching back from the street to a narrow courtyard at the rear, overlooked by an undistinguished jumble of neighbouring buildings.
She has a good straight nose, a nice mouth, and relatively high cheekbones in a thinnish face.