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At this site, a randomized complete block design was established with four replications each of automated thinning and manual thinning treatments.
However removing 30% strands 4 weeks after pollination attained the highest fruit quality as compared with other thinning treatments (Moustafa 1997; Harhash 2000).
Its driving force is the supporting companies and organizations that are favourably disposed to the promotion of thinning.
Removal trees and shrubs in thinning management may possibly alter soil respiration and its contribution to different components, and as the decomposer, the changes in soil microbes are important [21].
Your best bet for determining when and if your hair will start thinning is to look to your mother, aunts, and maternal grandmother.
Figure 17 compares the magnitude of shear thinning that each polymer imparted to the compound.
Shepherd says his team's data suggest that during the previous decade, Larsen B, which was about 200 m thick when it collapsed, was thinning at an average rate of about twice that of Larsen C.
Scott Stephens, professor of fire science in the College of Natural Resources at UC Berkeley, says, "Harvesting can make forest sustainability better, but the devil is in the details." Improper thinning, he says, can lead to conditions that make destruction worse.
In addition, analysis of variance (ANOVA) indicated that thinning border rows led to a significant increase of approximately 0.2 Mg/ha (12.1 Mg/ha thinned; 11.9 Mg/ha nonthinned) for the mean grain yield across all three years.
Earlier findings suggested a thinning rule: in crowded pure stands, the mean plant biomass should be proportional to a -3/2 power of their densities (Yoda et al.
For citrus and small fruits such as cherries, thinning is not necessary But for most deciduous fruits, the answer is almost always yes.
An important issue in the Biscuit fire was the so-called activity fuels, the small trees and woody materials left on the forest floor after thinning. To reduce the risk and intensity of future fires, these fuels need to be removed after thinning.
One of the largest glaciers in Antartica is thinning according to satellite measurements.
At least two readers advise selectively precooling areas of the parison in order to reduce the amount of thinning after inflation.
One hundred thirty-six acres were thinned, Las Humanas members were trained in Forest Service thinning practices, and the communities had their wood.