thinking out loud

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think out loud

To verbalize one's thoughts, especially when trying to produce a solution or conclusion about something. Those weren't really suggestions for a solution, I was just thinking out loud. OK, so we've got 20 over there, 10 from the last one, five pending—sorry, I was thinking out loud.
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(I'm) (just) thinking out loud.

Fig. I'm saying things that might better remain as private thoughts. (A way of characterizing or introducing one's opinions or thoughts. Also past tense.) Sue: What are you saying, anyway? Sounds like you're scolding someone. Bob: Oh, sorry. I was just thinking out loud. Bob: Now, this goes over here. Bill: You want me to move that? Bob: Oh, no. Just thinking out loud.
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Thinking out loud: "Trust in the people you're collaborating with, and empower them," Katims says.
Thinking out loud: "Mine and Matt's whole goal is to have Mindy back in the writers room as much as possible while production is going on," Burditt says.
Thinking out loud: "Our production speed comes from delegating and letting people take ownership of an episode," Goldstick says.
Thinking out loud: "As hard as 22 episodes a year are, it gives you a lot of ways to overcome stories that go awry," Robert King says.
Thinking out loud: "No matter how long you do it, facing that blank page every week is pretty daunting," Kitsis says.
Thinking out loud: "I haven't learned this lesson yet, but I'm figuring out how to keep my composure when things get overwhelming," Korsh says.
Thinking out loud: "You are in the business of making decisions," Kripke says.
Thinking out loud: "The fact that so many people DVR us is amazing," Lloyd says.
Thinking out loud: "The show needs to take more advantage of the enormous talent of Melissa McCarthy," Lorre says of "Mike & Molly," which returns to CBS at midseason.
Thinking out loud: "When you have spent your life rebelling against 'the man' or at least lived under the illusion that you had that kind of courage of convictions, and then you are given the keys to the store by said man, it is a new world order for sure," McKinnon says.
Thinking out loud: "We found the show with the 'Cooler' episode last season," Finkel says.
Thinking out loud: "I still don't really know rating points from shares," Olmstead says.
Thinking out loud: The secret ingredient to a solid exec producer partnership?
Thinking out loud: "I write pretty much everything on the show, and the network gets nervous at times that I might get hit by a bus and there would be no 'Archer,'" jokes Reed.
Thinking out loud: "If I force myself to work 24/7 because I am afraid of getting behind, all that happens is that my brain bursts into flames of exhaustion," Rhimes says.