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think aloud

To verbalize one's thoughts. A: "And I guess I should also pick up some plywood while we're out…" B: "Pardon me?" A: "Sorry, I'm just thinking aloud!"
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think aloud

Speak one's thoughts audibly, as in We need flour, sugar, butter-I'm just thinking aloud. [Early 1700s]
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ˌthink aˈloud


ˌthink out ˈloud

speak your thoughts about something, for example a problem, to yourself or to others, probably without organizing them as in normal speech: ‘What?’ ‘Oh, don’t worry. I was just thinking out loud.’
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6 Insufficient The participant seems to experience Thinking Aloud problems when answering the item but does not give enough information to identify the reason.
I'm just thinking aloud now, but don't you think it would be better if politicians stopped thinking aloud.
We then determined students' accuracy in using the categorization scheme by playing a videotape of a writer thinking aloud while planning and drafting text and asking them to indicate the writer's activity at each of 25 different points.
It is very important that Ministers should have that opportunity of thinking aloud, of hearing the reaction and seeing what people think about these proposals.
We report on an exploratory experimental comparison of two different thinking aloud approaches in a usability test that focused on navigation problems in a highly nonstandard Web site.
The aim of the 'think-aloud' assessments was to capture judgement in action, that is, to capture teachers thinking aloud what was salient to them as they read and appraised student writing.
In American Caesar, William Manchester reported that the general couldn't sleep and "continued to tread the deck, thinking aloud.
The technique is used within a conversation-based situation, rather than the respondent thinking aloud 'into an empty space', as is conventionally the case in think aloud techniques.
He spent the last few days of training camp thinking aloud about how nice it would be to wrest Antonio Davis from Toronto, which couldn't have been comforting to Rice and Robert Horry, whose positions on the team these days are not guard or forward but ``trade bait.
Now in her mid-thirties and desperate (at least in appearance) to figure it all out, thinking aloud that maybe she shouldn't have had that abortion because it's 99 percent certain she won't get pregnant again, her rant is approaching the level of a roar.
But we do have the privilege of hearing a great poet thinking aloud, like Keats's record of Coleridge's conversation.
The "think aloud" procedure requires a teacher to speak into a tape recorder, thinking aloud and recording all thoughts during the planning process.
We see blogs as both a new literary genre and the next generation of online communities: A focused, information-rich environment in which a writer -- famous, infamous or unknown -- engages in the daily act of thinking aloud, in the ever-expanding universe of the Web," added Joan Connell, executive producer for Opinions and Communities on MSNBC.
Think of it: Aguirre, the justice secretary, airs a grave criminal allegation against someone one moment, and then dismisses it as flimsy imagining the next, as if he were merely thinking aloud.