think twice

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think twice

To reconsider, be cautious about, or thoroughly contemplate something before committing to it. I'm going to sue them for everything they're worth—maybe then they'll think twice about trying to steal my ideas! Maybe we should think twice about investing so much money in a project we know so little about.
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think twice (before doing something)

to consider carefully whether one should do something; to be cautious about doing something. You should think twice before quitting your job. That's a serious decision, and you should certainly think twice.
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think twice about someone or something

to give careful consideration to someone or something. Ed may be a good choice, but I suggest that you think twice about him. You will want to think twice about it.
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think twice

1. Reconsider something, weigh something carefully, as in I've got to think twice before spending that much on a car. [Late 1800s]
2. not think twice. Take no notice, not worry about, as in She didn't think twice about flying off to Europe with a day's notice. [Mid-1900s]
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think twice

COMMON If you think twice about doing something, you consider it again and usually decide not to do it. She'd better shut her mouth and from now on think twice before saying stupid things. If they don't enjoy the experience, they will think twice before they visit again. Note: If you say that someone doesn't think twice or wouldn't think twice about doing something, you mean that they would do it without hesitating. Plenty of villains don't think twice about hitting a woman.
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think twice

consider a course of action carefully before embarking on it.
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(not) think ˈtwice about something/about doing something

(not) think carefully before deciding to do something; (not) hesitate: You should think twice about employing someone you’ve never met.If they offered me a job abroad, I wouldn’t think twice about taking it!
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think twice

To weigh something carefully: I'd think twice before spending all that money on clothes.
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think twice, to

To consider carefully before speaking or acting. It is an old idea, but this particular expression of it did not become widely used until the late nineteenth century. In his poem “Think Twice” (ca. 1885), Eugene F. Ware wrote, “Results are often grevious When people get too previous; ‘Think twice’ is good advice.”
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Home Office Minister Vernon Coaker said: "Trafficking is a vile and evil trade and sex buyers must be made to think twice about the consequences of their actions.
For most of us, time is of the essence so we're happy to save passwords, but think twice about autosaving passwords within programs and Web sites that would allow a thief to gain access to sensitive information (like ISPs, online banks, travel sites, pay-per-use information, and music services).
What consumer wouldn't think twice about shopping at a store known to have sold potentially tainted meat?
Well, you might want to think twice (or twice as hard) about going into a TV-induced trance.
They have earned my confidence and I would not think twice about using their services again.
Operators, the replacement cost of just one rubber tire on a construction or material-handling vehicle will make you think twice about your driving habits at the work site.
One exposure could make someone think twice about using it on someone else.
German lawmakers hope that the steep fine will make people think twice about sending spam.
Zhu notes that these results, published in the March Biology of Reproduction, may make researchers think twice about proposals to clone extinct animals using the eggs of living species.
ANIMAL lovers should think twice before giving donations to groups which may use the cash to fund extremist activities, the Government said yesterday.
Shoppers might think twice before trashing their plastic grocery bags.
But since his reinstatement on February 10, he says the church will have to think twice before bullying others who do the same.
Parents might think twice about allowing their children to take time off school if fines could be imposed on them as a result.
As I see it, your magazine is either too critical, or has a beef against the Catholic Women's League, when perhaps the editor should think twice about publishing the article; or the Catholic Women's League, and the priests who support it, are not following Catholic doctrine, and therefore they should be criticized.
Wilson believes that armed employees deter crime, since a would-be robber "may think twice if there's a fair chance he's going to get shot.