think twice

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think twice

To reconsider, be cautious about, or thoroughly contemplate something before committing to it. I'm going to sue them for everything they're worth—maybe then they'll think twice about trying to steal my ideas! Maybe we should think twice about investing so much money in a project we know so little about.
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think twice (before doing something)

to consider carefully whether one should do something; to be cautious about doing something. You should think twice before quitting your job. That's a serious decision, and you should certainly think twice.
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think twice about someone or something

to give careful consideration to someone or something. Ed may be a good choice, but I suggest that you think twice about him. You will want to think twice about it.
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think twice

1. Reconsider something, weigh something carefully, as in I've got to think twice before spending that much on a car. [Late 1800s]
2. not think twice. Take no notice, not worry about, as in She didn't think twice about flying off to Europe with a day's notice. [Mid-1900s]
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think twice

COMMON If you think twice about doing something, you consider it again and usually decide not to do it. She'd better shut her mouth and from now on think twice before saying stupid things. If they don't enjoy the experience, they will think twice before they visit again. Note: If you say that someone doesn't think twice or wouldn't think twice about doing something, you mean that they would do it without hesitating. Plenty of villains don't think twice about hitting a woman.
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think twice

consider a course of action carefully before embarking on it.
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(not) think ˈtwice about something/about doing something

(not) think carefully before deciding to do something; (not) hesitate: You should think twice about employing someone you’ve never met.If they offered me a job abroad, I wouldn’t think twice about taking it!
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think twice

To weigh something carefully: I'd think twice before spending all that money on clothes.
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think twice, to

To consider carefully before speaking or acting. It is an old idea, but this particular expression of it did not become widely used until the late nineteenth century. In his poem “Think Twice” (ca. 1885), Eugene F. Ware wrote, “Results are often grevious When people get too previous; ‘Think twice’ is good advice.”
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The tougher penalties announced, along with tough enforcement, should make people think twice."
Cameron Diaz says she did not think twice about signing up to play a mother in tear-jerker My Sister's Keeper.
BRUMMIES are being warned to think twice before having a tattoo after Midland health trusts revealed they have spent up to pounds 8 million removing them from people who have regretted the move.
They have produced Think Twice, a booklet with advice on dealing with doorstep callers, consumer rights and information on reducing unwanted telephone calls and junk mail.
Barney Frank may want to think twice before taking a trip to Kuala Lumpur.
Hamilton, who works for the British Tourist Authority, had been promoting Scotland at a fair in Berlin when he burst into a version of Bob Dylan's Don't Think Twice, It's Alright.
Parents of children and teenagers may want to think twice before dolling out the aspirin to treat chicken pox and flu this winter.
An Old Trafford source revealed: "Wayne had his wings clipped and will certainly think twice before saying anything in public again."
Think Twice, has been set up by Newcastle-based Sage UK, whose survey found that, while company chiefs in the area are the most likely to benefit from setting up their own companies, many say "never again" if given the choice to do so.
It may also give Phelps a reason to think twice before he stages too many more hate vigils.
The governor's name had been listed in Think Twice documents as a "known sceptic" on Home Rule.
The last time I wrote off Arsenal they made me look a right mug by beating Man United so you have to think twice before writing them off again.
POLICE today called on parents to think twice before letting youngsters take expensive gizmos such as iPods and hand-held gaming machines to school.
"We think it's really important that people think twice before maybe using this word.
The pair will co-star for the first time when they play two washed-up rockers in a film called Think Twice.