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The annual GGTTI ranking index reports are referred to identify and to recognize the centres of excellence in policy research, to forge knowledge and policy partnerships and to create a global think tank village.
Similarly, SDPI has improved its position clinching the 97th position from last year's 103 positions among top global think tank (non-US).
In the 'Top Education Policy Think Tanks', ORF came 59th, and the only Indian think tank in the list.
If think tank influence on policy only manifests itself through the long-run battle of ideas by influencing citizen views, which only later influence economic policy, their study would not be able to find the link between think tank years and public policy.
Under such circumstances, it is unreasonable to expect them to fulfill the role of an independent think tank.
The Global Go To Think Tank Index compiled by James McGann, director, Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program at the University of Pennsylvania, ranks 6,846 think tanks around the world.
The 9/11 attacks and the war in Iraq led to a dramatic increase in the number of think tank programmes and scholars focused on the Middle East.
ADBI established the Asia Think Tank Secretariat to expedite cooperation between think tanks in Asia and the sharing of knowledge and best business practices.
Among non US Think Tanks Chatham House is World's TOP TT while SDPI has been ranked 38th as World's Top Trans-disciplinary Research TT.
Wall Street's Think Tank is enhanced with the inclusion of a three page appendix listing CFR Officers and Directors, 1921-2013; a seven page Bibliography; nineteen pages of Notes; and a fifty-six page Index.
The Millenium Project has been ranked sixth best think tank in the world for new ideas and paradigms.
Two research institutes in the Philippines are among the top 20 think tanks in Asia and Pacific, according to the Think Tanks and Civil Society Program (TTCSP) report released Saturday.
Knowledge of think tank funding has been shaped by pluralist, elite, and, most recently, field theory.
A South Korean think tank has urged the central bank of South Korea to maintain its accommodative policy stance.
A Strategic Guide to Policy Impact" should be considered mandatory reading for anyone that is a part of a think tank operation be it governmental, NGO, academic, or corporate.
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