think nothing of doing

think nothing of (doing something)

To not consider doing something to be at all odd, difficult, improper, or otherwise out of the ordinary. My brother earns so much money that he thinks nothing of spending $300 on a single meal. People in this country think nothing of eating every part of an animal, which is something I've never been able to stomach.
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think nothing of doing something

to give no thought or hesitation to doing something. She thinks nothing of helping other people at any time of day or night. Toby thinks nothing of driving one block to the store.
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According to Lovehoney's saucy new study, people in St Helens think nothing of doing a bit of X-rated shopping to spice things up between the sheets.
When I was in Steps in the 1990s, I'd think nothing of doing flips, dancing around the stage swinging off things.
Far better to put more eort into catching and punishing the rat-run speeders and other thoughtless idiots that think nothing of doing 40mph along residential roads.
If they think nothing of doing something as barbaric as this, what will they be up to when they hit their mid to late teens?
He would think nothing of doing a stint on the farm before turning up to play professional rugby league.
They own many saddle horses, yet they prefer to walk, and think nothing of doing so for 12 hours or more.
"Modern cars make you feel so insulated and safe that drivers think nothing of doing 40mph in a 30mph limit.
'If Fifa did it to Greece, who were reigning European champions at the time, they will think nothing of doing to Wales,' warned FAW secretary-general David Collins.