think nothing of

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think nothing of (doing something)

To not consider doing something to be at all odd, difficult, improper, or otherwise out of the ordinary. My brother earns so much money that he thinks nothing of spending $300 on a single meal. People in this country think nothing of eating every part of an animal, which is something I've never been able to stomach.
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think nothing of (someone or something)

To have little or no regard or concern for someone or something. Your boss seems to think nothing of you, judging by the way she speaks about you behind your back. These corporations think nothing of the rights and desires that the consumer might have—all that matters to them is the bottom line.
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think nothing of

1. Give little consideration to, regard as routine, as in He thinks nothing of driving 100 miles to see a new movie. [c. 1800]
2. think nothing of it. It's not important, as in Thanks for the lift.-Think nothing of it. This way of saying you're welcome dates from the late 1800s.
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think nothing of

COMMON If you think nothing of doing something that other people might consider difficult, strange, or wrong, you consider it to be easy or normal. I thought nothing of betting £1,000 on a horse. They thought nothing of working all night.
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think nothing of

consider (an activity others regard as odd, wrong, or difficult) as straightforward or normal.
2004 Residential Architect His foreign business partners think nothing of scheduling an hour-and-a-half meeting for 10:30 at night, then being back at work by 8 am.
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think ˈnothing of something/of doing something


not think ˈanything of something/of doing something

1 consider something as normal or easy, when other people consider it as difficult, dangerous, etc: He thinks nothing of working 14 hours a day.
2 think that something is not important: I saw a man outside the door, but I didn’t think anything of it at the time. I realized later that he must have been the thief.
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think nothing of

To give little consideration to; regard as routine or usual: thought nothing of a 50-mile trip every day.
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Their heads have got far too big and they think nothing of shattering the young contestants' confidence with their personal comments K.
Tonight's concentrates on plumbers and particularly that common breed - the cowboy conman who'll think nothing of charging a tenner for a new washer.
A few of the well-off may think nothing of wasting food, but most people can't afford to do so.
In the 1970s I'd think nothing of repairing and maintaining all my own cars!
BRITISH workers think nothing of swearing relentlessly at work just like foul-mouthed chef Gordon Ramsay.
"But in office they think nothing of spending nearly twice as much as the Tories ever did."
It's in this frame of mind gardai are in most danger - these thugs think nothing of shooting an officer and leaving them for dead.
They think nothing of travelling huge distances if what's at journey's end is important.
Senator Tuffy said: "The footage made it clear that these young men think nothing of putting their own lives, and the lives of others, at risk.
WE don't think much of marriage, we think nothing of polluting the atmosphere with our cars, but at least we're taking more baths.
However, the danger is that there are many more al-Zarqawis waiting to take his place who will think nothing of killing and maiming innocent people to fulfil their bloodthirsty ambitions.
Mega-rich Arabs think nothing of flying into Britain especially to spend millions of pounds a time on jewels in exclusive London shops.
Tony Blair seems to think nothing of leaving more troops over there to die, but Cherie does not have to sit up late every night, terrified the phone is going to ring to tell her that one of her children is dead.
Many Greeks think nothing of mistreating or killing them rather than giving them a good home."