speak/think ill of somebody

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speak ill of someone

to say something bad about someone. I refuse to speak ill of any of my friends. Max speaks ill of no one and refuses to repeat gossip.
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speak/think ˈill of somebody

(formal) say or think bad things about somebody: You shouldn’t speak ill of the dead.
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Here, the main problem emerges: We should never give anyone the opportunity to think ill of us while we are walking our true and sincere path.
Even if people think ill of him and He grieves at their hardness of heart, Jesus continues to serve and heal.
I suggest that what it additionally involves is a change of attitude towards a wrongdoer, which may involve ceasing to think ill of him, wiping the slate clean, coming to accept him despite his flaws, or (troublingly for Murphy) abandoning a demand for punishment.
Louis Menand, in his review for the New Republic, gave one possible reason for the book's success: "It gratifies our wish to think ill of our culture (a wish that is a permanent feature of modernity) without thinking ill of ourselves.
We are tempted many times, every day, to think ill of others; to be impatient; to be selfish.
He wondered how these instigators could think ill of Syria and that Syrians don't observe Islam while some of them had visited Syria and talked with its scholars, asking if they want to burn Syria and listen to the lies of some channels that spread sedition and abandon reality.
The attitude toward Iran improved most dramatically this past year in Turkey, but more Turks still think ill of Iran than positively.
Not because we think ill of them, per se, but because--to paraphrase an older thinker--they simply never had the good sense to climb down from the trees, walk upright, and learn how to laugh.
Garrido's father Manuel, 87, who is divorced from his wife Patricia, said: "He doesn't want his mother to think ill of him.
It is either an attempt to mislead the ignorant and those inclined to think ill of the church or it is an abysmal analysis of the dynamic under which Catholic groups in this country operate.
A Belle falls in love, which throws up loads of moral dilemmas and forces her to think about her chosen profession in more detail and she starts to think ill of what she does for a living.
Knut Norstog always had a kind word, did not think ill of anyone, and was always positive in his outlook.
could make the following pronouncement: "In cases of differences between ourselves and another there is nothing to do except in unimportant matters to think ill of him and in important ones to kill him" (qtd.
We would think ill of a mom who, while scheduling surgery to have conjoined twins separated, wouldn't wait a mere nine months until the weaker one's heart was deemed strong enough to survive the separation.
No one has any cause to think ill of Arnold Friedman, an acclaimed and well-liked schoolteacher, or of the after-school computer classes he teaches from a basement room in his family's home.