think highly of somebody/something

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think highly of (someone or something)

To have a very good opinion about someone; to hold someone or something in very high regard or esteem. I can tell your last boss thinks very highly of you, judging from the reference letter she wrote for you. Somehow I doubt the mayor will think too highly of an article exposing all of his financial details.
See also: highly, of, think

think ˈhighly of somebody/something

have a very high opinion of somebody/something: Her teachers think highly of her.His paintings are highly thought of by the critics.
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If you strive hard for high standards, people will take note and think highly of your tertiary institution, Justice Gates said.
However, many users don't think highly of the new feature.
We think highly of him and his credentials speak of themselves," he said.
However, many users don't think highly of the new feature, the Los Angeles Times reports.
"I know they think highly of me because I have been selected for Great Britain international matches against Slovenia, Slovakia, Italy, Brazil and China."
Still, even as he launched and led successful businesses, first in North Carolina and now in Florida, Mariano continued to think highly of UM, praising the university for the positive impact it's made in the community.
Yes, we are the rigid and narrow-minded few who don't think highly of gays!
When he speaks highly of you, she'll think highly of you, and vice-versa.
Grayson said: "Sanchez is a good, young prospect who Arsenal think highly of."
"I really, really think highly of him so he will wait his chance and, when he gets it, I am sure he will be difficult to dislodge."
You think highly of both your friend and your cousin, and now they've found each other.
WHATEVER Pete Doherty's image, secretary- manager of Bamburgh Mike Robinson, a former Cup referee, has good reason think highly of him.
7 : to hold a strong feeling <They think highly of you.>
Burns's peers at the Orlando (Fla.) VA Medical Center also think highly of her, selecting her as Employee of the Year 2007.
SOME salutary advice from David Winnick, who warned colleagues that the public doesn't always think highly of them.