think a lot of

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think a lot of (someone or something)

To have a very good opinion about someone; to hold someone or something in very high regard or esteem. I can tell your last boss thinks very a lot of you, judging from the reference letter she wrote for you. Somehow I doubt the mayor will think too a lot of an article exposing all of his financial details.
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think a lot of someone or something

 and think a great deal of someone or something; think highly of someone or something; think much of someone or something
to think well of someone or something. The teacher thinks a lot of Mary and her talents. No one really thinks a great deal of the new policies. I think highly of John. The manager doesn't think much of John and says so to everyone.
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think a lot of

Also, think highly or well or the world of . Have a good opinion of, regard very favorably, as in I think a lot of my daughter-in-law, or He didn't think highly of this company, or Dean thought the world of his youngest. These expressions use think in the sense of "regard" or "value," a usage dating from the late 1300s. For antonyms, see not think much of; think little of.
See also: lot, of, think
References in classic literature ?
One cannot wonder that so very fine a young man, with family, fortune, everything in his favour, should think highly of himself.
Whoever extolleth him as a God of love, doth not think highly enough of love itself.
But delightful though we find the Vicar of Wakefield, the bookseller who bought it did not think highly enough of it to publish it at once.
Mr Elliot is an exceedingly agreeable man, and in many respects I think highly of him," said Anne; "but we should not suit.
which Mr Inspector appeared to think highly sensible), to offer a reward for the solution of the mystery.
They think highly of him and feel it's time for him to go out and play on loan.
Respondents in non-EU countries closer to the EU (Russia, Norway and Switzerland), however, tend to have mixed feelings, where only 43 to 46 percent think highly of the EU.
Keane said: "I'd seen him a couple of times and they think highly of him at Burnley.
Newcastle also think highly of him and whenever I've seen him play I have always thought highly of him, so he's a good acquisition to our team and we just need to make sure we play to all our strengths and we'll all be fine.
McCarthy said, We appreciate that both Carmine and Ed think highly enough of us to trust that their customer relationships will be maintained and enhanced with access to our extensive platform of additional capabilities.
The two guys are friends of ours and we think highly of them, so it was disappointing to see our mates left out like that.
However, many users don't think highly of the new feature.
Our problem is we don't think highly enough of it, and so we think we've got to wrap it up in all kinds of other things.
We think highly of him and his credentials speak of themselves," he said.
I know they think highly of me because I have been selected for Great Britain international matches against Slovenia, Slovakia, Italy, Brazil and China.