think fit for

think (someone or something) is fit for (someone or something)

1. To consider, judge, or regard someone or something to be ideally suited to someone or something else. I thought this movie would be fit for kids based on its promotional art, but it actually has a lot of adult content in it. If you think your computer's default antivirus software is fit for blocking out the various threats on the Internet, you're in for a rude awakening. I really don't think a lowlife like him is fit for my sweet daughter.
2. To consider, judge, or regard someone or something to be physically able to do or handle something. You're not a young woman anymore, Deborah. I just don't think you're fit for a triathlon. This old truck is pretty banged up. Do you think it's fit for the job?
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think someone or something fit for someone or something

to judge someone or something to be suitable for someone or something. I do not think this book fit for young readers. You are not fit for the office of mayor! This plate is not fit for further use. I don't think John fit for the job.
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think someone fit for something

to judge someone to be in condition or healthy enough for something. Do you think me fit for the race? She is not fit for the game Friday night.
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"The minimum length of suspension which can be imposed by the stewards of the Jockey Club is 14 days and then they will add on whatever they think fit for his breach of the rule today.