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She explained that this means that college students will have to think ahead of time to plan for their future.
This lack of suitable Wi-Fi is an issue typical of most conventions, but the fact that Reed Operations and the Javits Center did not think ahead of time to provide press with their own unique Wi-Fi hotspot (with passwords only available in the Press Lounge) or a Wi-Fi hotspot for exhibitors-only, shows a real lack of planning and thoughtfulness when it comes to this massive culture convention.
And while knowing you are never tied down to one place in particular can be a tad comforting to the more adventurous, it is also disconcerting for those who like to think ahead of time.
The lack of planning affects peace throughout the South because you need people who think ahead of time to build a nation.
It's not such a bad idea to think ahead of time about what you'd take if you had to leave home in a sudden emergency either.
The project is set to be achieved in ten years which is a very high ambition and might take longer so we can't wait another ten or 20 years till accidents occur, we need to simply be ready and think ahead of time," he explained.