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think about (someone or something)

1. To recall, reflect on, or ruminate over someone or something. I kept thinking about that movie's ending for days afterward. Seeing the flyer for Macbeth in the subway station made me think about my old drama teacher in high school. Did you hear about what happened to poor Tom and his family? It makes me sick just thinking about it!
2. To consider someone or something (in relation to someone or something else). The company obviously wasn't thinking about their long-standing customers when they introduced this new policy. We'll need to think about the impact this legislation will have on smaller communities.
3. To consider doing something in the future. A: "I've been thinking about getting a tattoo on my face." B: "Oh, really?" The board of directors thought about the possibility of layoffs for a while, but we convinced them to cut costs in other areas instead. A: "Do you want to come with me to the movies tonight?" B: "I'll think about it."
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think about someone or something

to contemplate someone or something. Whenever I think about him, I get goose bumps. I don't want to think about it.
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A new way to think about it, a new way to do it, it has been a major cultural transformation in our U.S.
One of my colleagues there, named Montgomery King, who also was fair in color, said to me one day, "Pinkie, have you ever thought about the fact that some of the problems you are having are because of the color of your skin?" I said, "No, I hadn't thought about that." He said, "Well, think about it." He said, "You are in a section of this country where there are Creoles.
Even though you could think about how jacked it was, it was something that skating needed, I think.
I am not free to be nothing but an academic about the way I think about the world.
If we expect students to think about their thinking, they must be taught how to both ask and answer thought-provoking questions.
Then we could really think about trying to win a national championship.
I'm going to get something in my mind and I'm going to talk about what it makes me think about. Like if I think about New Orleans but I don't mention New Orleans directly, but I let whatever kind of imagery comes out of that New Orleans just course as freely as it can while keeping my own hand on it to a certain extent.
DF: You say that you didn't think about ideas like appropriation until you read about them later, but along with the Image that some younger people seem to have of the '80s--of a time when there was a lot of money in the art world, when artists were rich and famous and ate out a lot--the decade also produced a great deal of critical theory.
Hotel, the occupancy rates, didn't dip to the Persian Gulf rate, which is phenomenal when you think about what happened here.
He certainly doesn't like any of the sexual ethics that might complicate how to think about gay relationships and so on.
You will never think about butterflies in the same way again after reading this book.
I have a phrase in this book about "doubting my doubts as much as I doubt my faith," and what I try to do when I have certain doubts is to think about how different people have handled these doubts throughout history.
One of the hardest things for busy people to do is stop and think about the future.
Hearing it from parents has greater impact than hearing it from camp administrators and gives the staff another context from which to think about the decisions they will be making.