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1. noun, informal An act or instance of careful or considered thought. Why don't we all get together for a fresh think about the issue tomorrow? Hmm, let me have a think about that.
2. adjective, informal Having, involving, or characterized by in-depth thinking. Our company was contracted to produce a think report on the effect of the issue on local infrastructure. The professor went on to form a think tank whose primary goal was to look into ways to solve the housing crisis. She actually wrote a think piece on this topic a couple of years ago for the New York Times.

think aloud

To verbalize one's thoughts. A: "And I guess I should also pick up some plywood while we're out…" B: "Pardon me?" A: "Sorry, I'm just thinking aloud!"
See also: aloud, think

think out loud

To verbalize one's thoughts, especially when trying to produce a solution or conclusion about something. Those weren't really suggestions for a solution, I was just thinking out loud. OK, so we've got 20 over there, 10 from the last one, five pending—sorry, I was thinking out loud.
See also: loud, out, think
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aloud/out loud
To speak one's thoughts audibly.
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References in classic literature ?
No doubt they are prompted to this view, in the first place, by bias, namely, by the desire to think that they can know of the existence of a world outside themselves.
Thus, when we reject the act, which I think we must, we are driven to a theory of memory which is more akin to idealism.
It would overcome me with joy to see them, but I don't think it would surprise me much, at first.
I wonder if she doesn't think me refined--or if she had ever heard anything against Bangor?
But selfish people always think their own discomfort of more importance than anything else in the world.
"On my soul," I assured her, "I can think of no other reason."
"Then can you bear to think of me as your lover, Maggie?" said Philip, seating himself by her, and taking her hand, in the elation of a sudden hope.
I think I liked the horses and the flowers and the fancywork best.
How he had driven away from it the last time, shuddering to think of its closed rooms and the boy lying in the four-posted bed with the brocaded hangings.
"I don't think there's much object in being a second-rate painter, and I came to the conclusion that I should never be anything else."
'only think how convenient it would be if you could manage to go home without it!
"Oh, child, you never think. You never think of anything but your own selfishness.
Just think of three hundred and sixty-five whole days, with not a thing happened in them yet."
"Do you think he's done something that we don't know about, and is lying doggo on account of the police?"
She felt that she could not understand them however much she might think about them.