thing or two

a thing or two

Some varying amount of pertinent information or pointed criticism (about something). Hey, I know a thing or two about art—I was an art history major in college, you know! It was my plan to go in and tell the boss a thing or two about the company's crappy work environment, but when he offered me a huge promotion I didn't exactly feel prepared to have it out with him.
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*thing or two (about someone or something)

1. bits of information or criticism about someone or something; a few facts about someone or something. (Typically: find out ~; know ~; learn ~; tell someone ~.) I told Bob a thing or two about cars. I know a thing or two about Mary that would really shock you.
2. a few points of criticism about someone or something. (Typically: tell some-One ~.) I told her a thing or two about her precious little boy! Let me tell you a thing or two about your messy yard!
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thing or two

Quite a lot, as in You can count on Bob to tell you a thing or two about Iran. This term is nearly always an understatement. [Mid-1800s] Also see under know all the answers.
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In a world where grown-ups are always right young readers will be delighted by this bilingual story which teaches that even the youngest one can teach an adult a thing or two.
And the word "China" has been used in that discussion, which leads one to think that if suppliers, in particular, are going to be interested in protecting and maintaining their business, then perhaps they could learn thing or two from the consumer products companies that continue to produce products in the U.S.