the thing is

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the thing is

The main or fundamental issue or element (of what's being discussed). I agree with your point, but the thing is, if we agree to increase spending for education, then all sorts of other public utilities will go underfunded as a result.
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the thing is

The issue, main point, or problem is, as in The thing is, we haven't enough money for the tickets. [Colloquial; late 1800s]
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the ˌthing (about/with something) ˈis

(spoken) used to introduce an important fact, reason or explanation: I know you want to expand the business. The thing is, we haven’t got the money to do that.I’m sorry I didn’t call you. The thing is, I’ve been really busy lately.
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the (only) thing ˈis...

(spoken) used before mentioning a worry or problem you have with something: I’d love to come — the only thing is I might be late.
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Two terrible dates and I almost think about giving up, but the thing is -- Tinder seems to be working for some people.
The second thing is information protection and information latency.
My thing is, is it possible that anybody can be born this way?
Calling forth that new thing is a job not limited to the sanctuaries of our churches, it is meant to be shouted out down the halls of power.
Charly's next favourite thing is running naked round the dining table screaming 'catch me, catch me' at the top of her voice, so you have to be selective.
The thing is, I don't think she even realized that it's wrong.
In short, to be this one thing is to place a limit, to box-in, to render changeless.
The other thing is that every story has to be about trouble because every story is about trouble, about a problem.
The thing is, as Simpson makes clear, the Canadian way is no better, and it shows.
One thing is certain, even talking about this subject brings up all my feelings of rage at God.
It's just that life is busy; one thing is hardly completed before we are on to the next, and the "thank you" get lost in the transition.
The next best thing is to show where a character is at any particular moment; the audience will fill in the blanks.
The interesting thing is that, once I have seen the belt and the pants, I can no longer see the goose-shaped ashtray.
I don't know everything that is out there, but I can say, much of it is inaccurate or exaggerate The most ridiculous (and relevant) thing is that I was a "plant" or a "shill" for the White House.