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Sanctimonious; maintaining an obnoxious air of moral superiority or condescension. (Usually used before a noun, especially "attitude.") While he makes good points, his holier-than-thou attitude is not likely to win him many allies.

a thou

A slang term for one thousand. It is pronounced like the beginning of the word "thousand," not like the archaic pronoun "thou." I could make a thou on that job easily, and then we wouldn't have to worry about money for awhile.
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If you describe someone as holier-than-thou, you mean that they seem to believe that they have better moral qualities than anyone else. He has always sounded holier-than-thou. I'm not going to be all holier-than-thou about this.

holier than thou

characterized by an attitude of self-conscious virtue and piety.
This phrase comes from Isaiah 65:5: ‘Stand by thyself, come not near to me; for I am holier than thou’.
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mod. superior in piety; condescending. She has such a holier-than-thou attitude.

Take it down a thou(sand)!

in. Cool down!; Calm down!; Quiet down! You are wild! Take it down a thou and let’s try again to talk this out.
See also: down, take

Take it down a thou!

See also: down, take


n. one thousand. I managed to get a couple of thou from the bank, but I need a little more than that.
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This kit absolutely brings designers of higher-resolution applications an effective solution to drastically shorten development time with optimized firmware and widely-applicable USB interface technology," said Kazutaka Nogami, President and CEO of THine.
Thou shalt not expect us to indulge you in discus-|sions about the moral failings of thine opponents.
THine Electronics Incorporated is a fabless maker that provides mixed signal LSI and analog technologies such as V-by-One HS, LVDS, other high-speed data signaling, timing controller, analog-to-digital converter (ADC), image signal processor (ISP), driver ICs for LED and motors, and power management in growing niche markets for our customers' solutions, targeting its strategic markets in flat screen TVs, smart phones, document processing, amusement, industrial application, and automotive markets.
THine Electronics Incorporated is a fabless semiconductor company that provides innovative mixed signal LSI and analog technologies such as V-by-One[R] HS, LVDS, timing controller, analog-to-digital converter, image signal processor, and power management in flat screen TVs, smart phones, tablet PCs, document processing, amusement, industrial application, and automotive markets.
We love Thee, Jesu tender Who hids't Thine awful splendor Beneath these veils of grace: O let the veils be riven, And our clear eye in heaven Behold Thee face to face
Also in the mix are Whitehead's condominium on Lake Ouachita, the Pleasant Valley home that Stuart built for his son, a Dallas condo, phantom improvements to the bank's Verizon Arena suite and misappropriation of a settlement for alleged overbilling by Thine Marketing Group.
Thine the Amen, Thine the Praise"), and Susan Palo Cherwien (e.
V-by-One HS technology has been developed by THine to make internal interface smarter and less expensive for various markets such as flat panel displays, document processing systems, security systems, robotics, and automotive infotainments.
For the uninitiated, that's a picture of thine self that is posted to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.
THINE IS THE KINGDOM: Peter Surtees, of Sutton Avenue, Eastern Green with wildlife photographer and BBC personality, Johnny Kingdom, at Barnstable Pannier Market.
Especially, thou shalt not be thine own worst enemy, but be thy best friend.
FOR once I find myself agreeing with Dr Robyn Lewis (his letter in the DP 26/10/12), when he says that Remembrance Sunday should be, like in Australia, a time for reconciliation between formerly warring nations and that the countries involved should issue mutual invitations to each other's annual remembrance services in a spirit of true and deep Christian-like "forgive thine enemies" attitude.
God saw you getting weary, the hill too steep to climb He put His arms around you Brian and whispered Peace be thine.
In general, there's nothing about 'Thou shalt not handle thine johnson'," he added.
He knew that you were suffering, He knew you were in pain, He knew that you would never get well on Earth again, He saw that the road was getting rough and the hills are hard to climb, So He closed your weary eyelids and whispered, Peace be thine.