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Then they hit the droplet with a laser to bind the gelatin together, forming a thin skin. Parts not touched by the laser washed away, leaving behind a hollowed-out space where microbes could grow.
Thin skin and short memory are injurious to the nation's intellectual health.
Upon inquiring, she learned that his hands were often cold due to poor circulation and his aged thin skin was irritated from using his walker.
"According to Upik, Clegg's thin skin also showed itself during the lead-up to the March 5 fiasco, when Clegg derided one of Upik's suggestions in front of the Lib Dem cabinet, then adopted it without telling Opik.
New technology for multi-layer bottles coextrudes a thin skin of soft-touch TPE onto HDPE.
The HeadSlick shave cream, which needs to be extra lubricating to work well on the thin skin of the scalp, also works well for women shaving their legs.
You'll also need to remove the thin skin around the nut, which is easier while they're warm.
BALTIMORE -- The cutaneous adhesive Dermabond can be applied to the margins of a wound to buttress atrophied, thin skin enough to achieve adequate primary closure with sutures, Dr.
Peel off the thin skin and any root hairs before using.
Concertina wire, ground rods, antenna elements, and even tarps and tents can puncture the thin skin of the shelter roof.
Especially problematic is a patient with thin skin, a narrow dorsal convexity, and short nasal bones.
The Jewish journalist who claimed to be offended by London Mayor Ken Livingstone's jibe that he was acting like a Nazi concentration camp guard must have a very thin skin. I've been called many things in my time.
The onion has a distinctive pale, thin skin, is easy to peel and quick to prepare.
It's thin skin. And this means that topical steroids, a dermatologic mainstay, must be used with great care because of their epidermis-thinning effect.
But as a one-man show with a thin skin, few natural allies in the legislature, and limited political expertise among his staff, it's tough for Ventura to carry his agenda very far.