a thick/thin skin

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thick skin

The ability to ignore verbal attacks or criticism from others. If you're going to pursue a career in politics, you're going to have to develop a thick skin and not let the criticism of your detractors bother you.
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thick skin

Insensitivity to criticism or insult, as in You can tell him exactly what you think of his new piece; unlike most composers he has a thick skin . This term transfers an impervious outer coating to mental or emotional toughness. [Mid-1500s]
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a thick skin

COMMON If someone has a thick skin, they are not easily upset or offended by criticism. To survive in politics, you need a thick skin. As a salesperson, you have to have a thick skin to deal with all the rejection. Note: You can also describe someone as being thick-skinned. She's so thick-skinned, she won't even have noticed the insult.
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a thin skin

COMMON If someone has a thin skin, they are very easily upset or offended by criticism. He'll never make it in journalism with such a thin skin. Note: You can also describe someone as being thin-skinned. She didn't mean it as an insult — you're too thin-skinned!
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(have) a thick/thin ˈskin

(informal) (be) not affected/affected by criticism or unkind remarks: A traffic warden needs a thick skin to take so much abuse from motorists.He’s got rather a thin skin for a politician. He’ll have to learn to take the odd unkind remark. ▶ ˌthick-ˈskinned, ˌthin-ˈskinned adj.
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We have always had politicians with thin skins, but a free media has been one of the greatest strengths of our democracy.
According to Upik, Clegg's thin skin also showed itself during the lead-up to the March 5 fiasco, when Clegg derided one of Upik's suggestions in front of the Lib Dem cabinet, then adopted it without telling Opik.
New technology for multi-layer bottles coextrudes a thin skin of soft-touch TPE onto HDPE.
It works by lightening the dark, thin skin under your eyes, giving the illusion that the skin is the same colour as the rest of your face.
The HeadSlick shave cream, which needs to be extra lubricating to work well on the thin skin of the scalp, also works well for women shaving their legs.
You'll also need to remove the thin skin around the nut, which is easier while they're warm.
The thin skin meant there was no need to peel or cut the cucumber, making it attractive as a snack, said supplier The Greenery.
BALTIMORE -- The cutaneous adhesive Dermabond can be applied to the margins of a wound to buttress atrophied, thin skin enough to achieve adequate primary closure with sutures, Dr.
Peel off the thin skin and any root hairs before using.
Concertina wire, ground rods, antenna elements, and even tarps and tents can puncture the thin skin of the shelter roof.
Journalist Tony, who's already had a CBS sitcom based on his life starring Jason Alexander come and go from the TV landscape, may have felt stung by criticism from a columnist at the Washington Post about his first appearance, but he's learned not to sound as if he has a thin skin about media writers' opinions.
Especially problematic is a patient with thin skin, a narrow dorsal convexity, and short nasal bones.
The Jewish journalist who claimed to be offended by London Mayor Ken Livingstone's jibe that he was acting like a Nazi concentration camp guard must have a very thin skin.