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Put as many basil leaves as you can spare into a blender or food processors, crushing in a couple of cloves of garlic, add two or three tablespoons of freshly-grated parmesan or pecorino cheese, some black pepper and a little salt, set the blender running and drizzle in sufficient extra virgin olive oil to make a thickish paste.
Add the stock and cream and boil until thickish (10 minutes), add the parsley and a few drops of lemon juice.
This mascara had a thickish, yet long brush, which worried me at first - I thought it might make the mascara clump.
8-10 boiled small potatoes 12 mushrooms (I've used shiitakes) 6fl oz balsamic vinaigrette olive oil for cooking method Cut the potatoes into thickish slices and fry in a little oil until golden.
Even two drops seemed to be too much, leaving my thickish hair looking greasy.
The risotto tasted as it should do - of rice and fresh crab, finely complemented by the thickish cheese sauce.
Thickish cotton-type wipe, which felt luxurious but went a bit, er, floppy.
While the heap of clams was more than adequate and produced sweet, chewable bites in a thickish, smooth, dark brown black bean sauce, it was the oysters that produced shivers of delight.
Other starting diversions here include a pretty good, thickish, peppery gumbo ($3.
I never wear skirts because I've got thickish ankles - even when I'm slimmer.
2cm), and it stands as high as a thickish spiral notebook (2.
99 each), most half-moon shaped, are made with thickish dough and are packed generously with savory ingredients.
If there is a lot of watering and a thickish discharge that glues your lashes together in the morning, take pulsatilla.
Such's effort was the prelude to a similar cameo from fellow rabbit Phil Tufnell, who spent 31 minutes at the crease for only one run, and that a thickish edge trying to run the ball down to third man.