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blood is thicker than (something)

Family is more important than anything else. The common version of the phrase is "Blood is thicker than water." There was no way I was going to stay at that company after they fired my brother. Blood is thicker than business.
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blood is thicker than water

Family is more important than anything else. Can't you give your sister a job at your company? Blood is thicker than water! My relatives insist that blood is thicker than water, but I just can't blindly condone the bizarre things that some of them do.
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Blood is thicker than water.

 and Blood runs thicker than water.
Prov. People who are related have stronger obligations to each other than to people outside the family. My friends invited me to go camping on Saturday, but I have to go to my cousin's wedding instead. Blood is thicker than water, after all. If you ever need help, don't ask your friends. Come home and ask us, your family. Blood runs thicker than water.
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blood is thicker than water

Family ties are closer than other relationships. For example, Nancy will drop everything to help her sister; blood is thicker than water. Alluding to the fact that water evaporates without leaving a mark whereas blood leaves a stain, this proverb was first recorded about 1412.
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blood is thicker than water

You say blood is thicker than water, to mean that someone's loyalty to their family is greater than their loyalty to anyone else. Families have their problems and jealousies, but blood is thicker than water. `If Colonel Roosevelt is a candidate,' he told a reporter, `I will not run against him. You know blood is thicker than water.'
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blood is thicker than water

family loyalties are stronger than other relationships.
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blood is thicker than ˈwater

(saying) your family is more important than other people: Tony was angry with his brother for a while, but blood is thicker than water, and in the end he forgave him.
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