thick skin

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thick skin

The ability to ignore verbal attacks or criticism from others. If you're going to pursue a career in politics, you're going to have to develop a thick skin and not let the criticism of your detractors bother you.
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thick skin

Insensitivity to criticism or insult, as in You can tell him exactly what you think of his new piece; unlike most composers he has a thick skin . This term transfers an impervious outer coating to mental or emotional toughness. [Mid-1500s]
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a thick skin

COMMON If someone has a thick skin, they are not easily upset or offended by criticism. To survive in politics, you need a thick skin. As a salesperson, you have to have a thick skin to deal with all the rejection. Note: You can also describe someone as being thick-skinned. She's so thick-skinned, she won't even have noticed the insult.
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(have) a thick/thin ˈskin

(informal) (be) not affected/affected by criticism or unkind remarks: A traffic warden needs a thick skin to take so much abuse from motorists.He’s got rather a thin skin for a politician. He’ll have to learn to take the odd unkind remark. ▶ ˌthick-ˈskinned, ˌthin-ˈskinned adj.
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The Middle Eastern nose is known to be comprised of over projecting osseo-cartilaginous vault that is covered by thick skin, numerous pilosebaceous units at the tip, dorsal hump, over projected radix, wide upper two-thirds, nasal deviation, long upper lateral cartilages, asymmetric alar cartilages, short medial crura, tip asymmetry, and acute nasolabial angle.
"You have to have a thick skin in this game and it was nice to bring a team back to Aston Gate wearing blue," said Pulis.
Will need a thick skin. Plenty of litigation launched by the GSEs, themselves.
"Focus on the mission, a thick skin and a flat, matrix organizational structure helps.
After her adopted parents die in a fire, circumstances shift Sara from one foster home to another and cause her to grow a very thick skin. She takes on her latest living assignment, a farm owned by the Huddleston family, with cool indifference.
Del's new thick callus remover, for example, is designed to penetrate and remove exceptionally tough calluses and thick skin. The product's formula contains vitamins A, D and E as well as Australian tea tree oil, a soothing natural antiseptic, in order to soften, smooth and soothe sensitive skin.
* This month, Neutrogena introduces Neutrogena Men, a new line of skin care and shaving products specifically designed for men's oily and thick skin. Products include Razor Defense Daily face scrub, Razor Defense Shave gel, Razor Defense Face lotion, Skin Clearing face bar, Skin Clearing face wash, Skin Clearing aftershave, Skin Clearing targeted acne treatment and Skin Clearing shave cream.
I was able to go that last mile because I had courage and an abiding faith.' She says that anyone who becomes involved in politics needs not only a thick skin but an especially strong set of ethics.
In addition, you must have the thick skin to work closely with many different, sometimes hard-to-please directors.
Rough, ridged, or wrinkled skin can also be a sign of thick skin, pulpiness, and lack of juice.
"Some writers have trouble with group situations and workshop situations and you have to have pretty thick skin to be there," says Chellas.
The young dancer must keep in mind that thick skin, knots, and non-painful corns or calluses are totally normal and part of the "toughening-up" process all dancers go through.
In her thick skin dress that weaves scratchy lines in milk skin overflowing neck and feet in brown shoes that squeeze, she has eaten early toast from the back of bags picked away crusts she leaves for some friends.
Speaking in this month's issue of Country Magazine, she said: "In a perfect world, if you're in the public, you have a very thick skin but I'm not that kind of person."
Yet us football fans are a hardy bunch we've all developed a thick skin, so when we get more bad news we're like boxers who take it on the chin.