thick skin

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thick skin

The ability to ignore verbal attacks or criticism from others. If you're going to pursue a career in politics, you're going to have to develop a thick skin and not let the criticism of your detractors bother you.
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thick skin

Insensitivity to criticism or insult, as in You can tell him exactly what you think of his new piece; unlike most composers he has a thick skin . This term transfers an impervious outer coating to mental or emotional toughness. [Mid-1500s]
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a thick skin

COMMON If someone has a thick skin, they are not easily upset or offended by criticism. To survive in politics, you need a thick skin. As a salesperson, you have to have a thick skin to deal with all the rejection. Note: You can also describe someone as being thick-skinned. She's so thick-skinned, she won't even have noticed the insult.
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(have) a thick/thin ˈskin

(informal) (be) not affected/affected by criticism or unkind remarks: A traffic warden needs a thick skin to take so much abuse from motorists.He’s got rather a thin skin for a politician. He’ll have to learn to take the odd unkind remark. ▶ ˌthick-ˈskinned, ˌthin-ˈskinned adj.
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Coarse or rough skin texture means thick skin and not much juice.
WHEN one is in politics, one should have a thick skin.
And the 36-year-old star revealed he doesn't feel sad about bad reviews because of his thick skin.
You need strength and a thick skin to run a country.
The Swede said: "Sam has thick skin and can stand up to what's happening and resolve it.
BELLINGHAM are looking for a trainee club manager, who will need a thick skin.
But I have very thick skin, which is the only way to survive.
AUDLEY Harrison might just achieve his ambition of turning Olympic gold into world heavyweight championship glory - if his ability in the ring matches his thick skin outside.
Avoid: Rough, ridged, or wrinkled skin, which can be an indication of thick skin, pulpiness, and lack of juice.
So, if I can't dress up in ermine, I might as well dress up as a fairy godmother" Ann Widdecombe, former Tory minister, now a pantomime star "Robert's thick skin has become so dinosaurdense that you just want to shout at him" Actor Hugh Bonneville on his character, Lord Robert, in Downton Abbey
We don't want wrinkles" Victoria Beckham on how she holds back ageing "Deputy PM Nick Clegg, told the Radio Times that it takes a steely side and a thick skin to get on in politics.
But she's had to adopt a thick skin very quickly and as time goes on people think twice about crossing her," said 24-year-old Marged.
She says she's got a thick skin and she's used to all the abuse and stuff that goes with it from the terraces.