(one) won't bite (someone)

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(one) won't bite (someone)

Someone has no reason to be afraid of one; someone should not be shy about approaching or talking to one. Don't worry, child, I won't bite. I just wanted to give you a message to pass along to your father. This is your Uncle Jack, son. Well, go on and shake his hand, he won't bite you.
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won't bite

Is not threatening or does not need to be a subject of caution; is friendly. The phrase is typically used as an assurance to a child who is wary of something or someone. You can ask Mr. Caruthers. Go on, he won't bite. Hi there, what's your name? Don't worry, I won't bite!
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I, etc. won’t ˈbite (you)

(humorous) used to tell somebody that they do not need to be afraid of somebody: You should tell your teacher that you don’t understand — she won’t bite you!
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She now started keeping the spiders she finds in a jar so they won't bite anybody else in the family.
But what is new is that we can find and identify individual big fish, and even when they won't bite with the boat above them, we can still catch them with a slight modification of our presentation."
Some days, the bait is under your boat but they won't bite. In this case, try a lighter, smaller fluorocarbon rig.
"And you're sure they won't bite?" she checked and double checked several times with the trainers.
Our goodnight memories for a special Grandad; Goodnight, sleep tight, Mind the bed bugs don't bite, If they bite, nip them tight, And they won't bite another night.
"They won't bite, chances are it won't blow up and all you have to do is switch them off when you're finished."
"They won't bite you, takes nowt to be courteous, you grumpy man," or some such.
If one little bit of the hook is showin', they won't bite it.
She said: "I wouldn't say it was difficult, but it was probably slightly more scary than it might otherwise have been, but as Edward had said before I met them don't worry, you know they're not that scary, they won't bite."
"If they won't bite on anything," Obadiah growled furiously to himself.
In-Fisherman cofounder Ron Lindner often told me, "If they won't bite anything else, drop a redtail in their face."
If they won't bite with 60-pound mono (what I often start with), I scale down to 50-pound mono, 40-pound mono, then 30-pound mono.
But he shared this much: "If you know smallmouths are there, if you can see them and they won't bite, it's all about finesse.
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