it's/they're all yours

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all yours

A phrase said when one gives or relinquishes something to someone. A: "Hey, is the bathroom free?" B: "Yep, it's all yours!"
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it’s/they’re ˌall ˈyours

used when passing the responsibility for somebody/something or the use of something to another person: ‘There you are, Mr Brown,’ she said, taking him into the classroom full of children, ‘they’re all yours.’
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BE KIND TO YOURSELF IT'S likely your emotions will be all over the place, after all, you've just welcomed the most amazing little being into the world, and the best bit they're all yours.
Contestants have the liberty to film any of the animal's antics that could fit into the above categories -- a lady gorilla foraging for her favourite seeds, a chattering parrot, a leopard flicking its tail -- they're all yours to photograph.
"Good God Vicki you look stunning!" or "Every car you have ever wanted is in this garage and they're all yours."
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