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If you are too open, they'll murder you as they're on a different planet."
"If I bowl flight to some of these guys they'll murder it so I try not to give too much air.
"But you still need to be pragmatic and disciplined because if you try to be gung-ho against this Barcelona team they'll murder you."
"But we won't respect them too much because if you stand off them, they'll murder you.
Don't try to outplay them or they'll murder you in midfield.
'If you give Celtic time to play they'll murder you so the manager told us to get in about them right from the off.We did that and caused them problems but couldn't keep the lead and after the sending-off we found it very difficult.'
If you allow their players to pass the ball then they'll murder you.
If you give them time and space, they'll murder you."
Barry Horne, captain of the Wales side that lost twice to Georgia in qualifiers for Euro 96, says: "If you give them the time and room to play, they'll murder most teams.
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