thereby hangs lies a tale

thereby hangs a tale

There is an interesting story associated with that; there is more to say or explain about that. You may notice the pock marks in the columns of the General Post Office, and thereby hangs a tale. In 1916, a band of rebels occupied this building in an effort to free Ireland from British rule, and these pock marks are the very same bullet holes from that fateful time. I was working as a street performer when I met my husband, and thereby hangs a very interesting tale.
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thereby hangs (or herein (or therein) lies) a tale

used to indicate that there is more to be said about something.
1948 Christopher Bush The Case of the Second Chance He and Manfrey were Brutus and Cassius respectively in that historic show at the Coliseum and thereby hangs a tale, or rather a piece of scandal.
1998 Spectator Now it has decided to fight back and clear its name. And herein lies a tale, however ludicrous.
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