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thereby hangs a tale

there is an interesting story connected with this matter. Yes, she comes in late most mornings, and thereby hangs a tale. She has a drinking problem.
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thereby hangs a tale

That detail or incident reminds one of another story, as in So he went without supper, but thereby hangs a tale. This expression, embodying the pun on tail and tale, was used by Shakespeare in at least four of his plays and presumably was well known before that. [1500s]
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thereby hangs (or herein (or therein) lies) a tale

used to indicate that there is more to be said about something.
1948 Christopher Bush The Case of the Second Chance He and Manfrey were Brutus and Cassius respectively in that historic show at the Coliseum and thereby hangs a tale, or rather a piece of scandal.
1998 Spectator Now it has decided to fight back and clear its name. And herein lies a tale, however ludicrous.
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Reed's pardon; but I knew, partly from experience and partly from instinct, that was the way to make her repulse me with double scorn, thereby re-exciting every turbulent impulse of my nature.
However, my business is with the week's washing, which in various shades of white, with occasional patches of scarlet, fluttered fantastically across a space of the garden, thereby giving unmistakable witness to human inhabitants, male and female.
The gray came in just after, and thereby prevented any ill treatment which the others might have given me.
But the chief ground of my satisfaction with thus method, was the assurance I had of thereby exercising my reason in all matters, if not with absolute perfection, at least with the greatest attainable by me: besides, I was conscious that by its use my mind was becoming gradually habituated to clearer and more distinct conceptions of its objects; and I hoped also, from not having restricted this method to any particular matter, to apply it to the difficulties of the other sciences, with not less success than to those of algebra.
It can place the militia under one plan of discipline, and, by putting their officers in a proper line of subordination to the Chief Magistrate, will, as it were, consolidate them into one corps, and thereby render them more efficient than if divided into thirteen or into three or four distinct independent companies.
Hence we have a secondary aim, that of preparing our members as much as possible to reform their hearts, to purify and enlighten their minds, by means handed on to us by tradition from those who have striven to attain this mystery, and thereby to render them capable of receiving it.
By purifying and regenerating our members we try, thirdly, to improve the whole human race, offering it in our members an example of piety and virtue, and thereby try with all our might to combat the evil which sways the world.
The Jackdaw, knowing his own ugliness, searched through the woods and fields, and collected the feathers which had fallen from the wings of his companions, and stuck them in all parts of his body, hoping thereby to make himself the most beautiful of all.
Forasmuch as it is ordained of God that all flesh hath spirit and thereby taketh on spiritual powers, so, also, the spirit hath powers of the flesh, even when it is gone out of the flesh and liveth as a thing apart, as many a violence performed by wraith and lemure sheweth.
But as to his power, he never used it; and as to his benevolence, he exerted so much, that he had thereby disobliged all his neighbours; for it is a secret well known to great men, that, by conferring an obligation, they do not always procure a friend, but are certain of creating many enemies.
When Zarathustra heard the wise man thus speak, he laughed in his heart: for thereby had a light dawned upon him.
The effect of the order will be as follows: The following length of road shall cease to be a restricted road: That length of the M77/A77 Glasgow - Stranraer Trunk Road at Maybole, from a point 252 metres or thereby west of the extended western boundary line of Carrick Academy, eastwards to a point 246 metres or thereby east of the extended southern channel of Kirkmichael Road, a distance of 2.
The question presented to our highest court was whether the no duty to mitigate rule will still apply and bar a subsequent action for money damages after the landlord had evicted the tenant thereby severing any landlord-tenant relationship.
Key products, such as the Wave Bioreactor([R]), Wave Mixer([R]), FlexMixer([R]) and Sterile Tube Fuser, feature disposable contact materials that eliminate cleaning and validation, thereby reducing costs in operations ranging from cell culture, media preparation, and buffer dissolution and thawing process intermediates to patient-specific cell therapy in hospitals.
That length of the A82 Dalnottar-Inverness Trunk Road from a point 120 metres or thereby northwest of The Pulpit Rock Monument to a point 524 metres or thereby southeast of The Pulpit Rock Monument, a distance of 644 metres or thereby.
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