there you are

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there you are

1. There is what you needed or asked for. There you are—the complete works of William Shakespeare. Please return the copy next week.
2. There are the facts of the situation; that's the way it is. I know our political system isn't perfect, but there you are.
3. You're doing that well or correctly; nice job. There you are! I knew you'd get the hang of it eventually!
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There you are.

That's the way things are.; This is the way things have worked out. (A fatalistic dismissal.) "There's nothing more that can be done. We've done what we could. So there you are," said Fred, dejected. Andy: Then what happened? Bob: Then they put me in a cell until they found I was innocent. Somebody stole my watch in there. All because of mistaken identity. So there you are.
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there you are (or go)

1 this is what you wanted. 2 expressing confirmation, triumph, or bemused resignation.
2 2005 Film Inside Out Whoever would have thought that Johnny Depp's appearance in the Fast Show would lead to Paul Whitehouse breaking into Hollywood, but there you go, anything can happen
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ˌthere you ˈare

(also ˌthere you ˈgo) (spoken)
1 used when you give something to somebody: I’ve got your newspaper. There you are.There you go. That’s €3 change.
2 used when explaining or showing something to somebody: You cook it on both sides for three minutes and there you are. The perfect steak.
3 used when something happens which shows that you were right: There you are. I told you we’d miss the train.
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There you are

sent. This is the result.; This is the way things turned out. Well, there you are. Another first-class mess.
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