there's something for you

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there's (someone or something) for you

That trait, characteristic, behavior, etc., is so typical of the way someone or something usually acts, behaves, or operates. Insider trading and horribly unscrupulous backdoor deals? Yep, there's Wall Street for you. A: "I can't believe he cheated on her with several different women while they were together." B: "What a pig. There's men for you."

there's (or that's) — for you

used ironically to indicate a particularly good example of a quality or thing mentioned.
1982 William Least Heat-Moon Blue Highways Satchel Paige—there's a name for you—old Satch could fire the pill a hundred and five miles an hour.
See also: something

there’s/that’s...for you

used to say that something is a typical example of its kind: She calls him at least four times a day, but that’s love for you I suppose. ♢ (ironic) He might at least have called to explain. There’s gratitude for you!
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