nothing in it

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nothing in (something)

No substance, credibility, or truth in something, typically a rumor, report, suggestions, etc. No, there's nothing in these rumors that I've been taking bribes—I've been straight as an arrow for my entire political career! Everyone keeps insinuating that the company is about to go under, but I assure you, there's nothing in it.
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nothing in it

1. No element of truth to something. We got a tip that the mayor was not going to run in the fall, but there turned out to be nothing in it—just a rumor. Oh, there's nothing in it—his words are just empty threats.
2. Describing a competition or game in which no team or participant has a clear advantage. Those two teams are so well-matched that there's nothing in it.
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anything/nothing/something ˈin it

any/no/some truth in what is being said: ‘Is there anything in the story that he is leaving the company?’ ‘No, I’m sure there’s nothing in it.’/‘Yes, I think there’s something in it.’

(there’s) nothing ˈin it

1 (informal) used to talk about a contest where the competitors are level and it is hard to say who will win: Right up to the end of the game, there was nothing in it. Either team could have won.
2 (of a rumour, report, story, etc.) there’s no truth in it: There was a rumour that he was about to resign, but apparently there’s nothing in it.
See also: nothing
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