there's some/no question of something/of doing something

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there's no question of (something)

1. There is no doubt that something exists or is the case. They're offering me plenty of money, there's no question of that. I just don't know if I feel comfortable with what they expect from me for the job. Just looking at the list of producers and creators, there's no question of the company's ability to attract young, varied talent.
2. There is no possibility that something is the case or will happen. The banks have made it clear that there's no question of customers losing their credit status in light of the recent mortgage rate scandal. I have too much invested in this company at the moment, so there's no question of me jumping ship just yet.
See also: no, of, question

there's some question of (something)

There is some doubt or uncertainty about whether something is or will be the case. There is still some question of what the president plans to do regarding the revised tax proposal passed by the senate. While scientists agree that the incident will have an impact on the environment, there's some question of how long and how serious that impact will be.
See also: of, question
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there’s some/no question of something/of doing something

there is some/no possibility of something/doing something: I’m afraid there is no question of you leaving work early this afternoon.Apparently there is some question of our getting three days’ extra leave this year. I hope we do.
See also: no, of, question, something
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