there's no law against (something)

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there's no law against (something)

It is perfectly acceptable to (do something). Typically said in response to criticism of or a warning against some action. Why shouldn't I try to haggle with the waitress? There's no law against it. There's no law against returning something I've already worn. Stop trying to make me feel bad about it.
See also: law, no

there's no law against it

used in spoken English to assert that you are doing nothing wrong, especially in response to an actual or implied criticism. informal
See also: law, no

there’s no ˈlaw against something

(spoken) used to tell somebody who is criticizing you that you are not doing anything wrong: I’ll sing if I want to — there’s no law against it.
See also: law, no, something
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As far as we know, there's no law against that yet.
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